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Inappropriate Homepage rohanp1995 5/26/12 10:25 PM
I am user of google in India. The homepage of google is behaving rather strangely for a few days now. Below the search engine the is a link , which appears every time i go to which says "clique ici" with picture of females in compromising positions. Has any one else been facing this problem? What is this? PLease help.
Rohan Priyadarshi.
Re: Inappropriate Homepage ArchieW 5/27/12 1:36 AM
It sounds like your computer could have some malware on it, so I'd recommend doing some security scans:

Re: Inappropriate Homepage verbal brown 6/10/12 11:13 AM
I have seen this too
download google chrome
go to the "app store"
get the "ad blocker"
you wont see it anymore