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pls tamang madan 5/5/12 10:24 AM
hi i wana put my image in google but how? i need easy way to put pls help me

Re: pls aygul 5/5/12 12:46 PM
Hi Tamang,
While you can't upload images directly to Google Images, many searchable images that are posted on a website can be added automatically to our search results. Just like Google Search does for webpages, Google Images scans the web for pictures to include in its search results.

If you'd like your photograph or image to appear in Google Images results, you'll need to post the image on a website. If you don't own a website, there are many content hosting services that you can use:
  • Upload your images to a free image hosting site like Picasa Web Albums.
  • Add the images to a blog using Blogger.
  • Create your own website using Google Sites.
By posting the image on a public and searchable website, you'll make it possible for Google to finding your image and add it to the Images index.