Google Search Box Shrinking in Safari

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Google Search Box Shrinking in Safari techsupportfornat 8/11/12 2:40 AM
Hello.  In Safari, OS X (I think), on a Macbook Air, I notice that just recently when I type a query into the Google search box, the box shrinks and "moves" to the upper left hand corner of the screen and I can no longer see the words in the search box.  I am typing blindly.  Usually the search box stays still in the middle of the page and I can see all the words, and edit them if I wish.   How do i fix this?  This is not happening in Firefox.  Just in Safari.  I have no idea how to fix it.  It's not happening with the small toolbar search box in the upper right corner of the screen, just the main search box at the center of the page.  Any help appreciated.  Thank you.
(unknown) 8/12/12 3:00 PM <This message has been deleted.>