language blooper?

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language blooper? mariovic 4/9/12 12:18 PM
Hello everyone!

Lately I have relocated from Greece to Turkey, and brought my laptop witch uses English windows. I want to see English in my google search page, so I have disabled the automatic Turkish version, and using the classic English one. BUT, when there is a special announcement or promo on the search logo (instead of google logo you put an image with a link), the explanation when I put my mouse on it is in Turkish. I find it very annoying and I haven't found a way to change it until now...

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: language blooper? mariovic 4/11/12 11:21 AM
By the way, logging in from my mobile to check this forum for any answer, I get everything in Turkish, and no way to change it!!!!! MERCY!
Re: language blooper? TourAbsurd 4/14/12 3:10 AM
Same for me.  American-bought laptop, all language options set to English, but living in Italy.  The alt text for doodles is always in Italian.