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unwanted image Fioraly 6/27/12 8:38 AM
I came across a photoshopped image of my boyfriend, it's his face on a naked body and i wish for them to be removed. I did a reverse image search and found 83 sites where this image is hosted. http://www.tineye.com/search/513bb1174f96cab9358616cb9f365c1f1f7ef391/  How can i get them removed?
Re: unwanted image Shannon... 6/27/12 8:59 AM
I pulled up www.tineye.com and saw a phone number which I called.  They said that many sites may have put your picture on their sites.  Or as I thought some could be uploaded let's say from a photobucket, flickr, account that allows public access.
For starters my suggestion is to start contacting those sites that all the 83 pictures are on.
At the bottom of the link you sent is the phone # I called.  Give them a call, and perhaps they may have some other suggestions for you to try.
Re: unwanted image Fioraly 6/27/12 9:22 AM
thank you
Re: unwanted image Shannon... 6/27/12 9:34 AM
You are very welcome.  Now go for it!