Why no doodle for Eid ?

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Why no doodle for Eid ? anntech 8/19/12 6:31 AM
Almost 2.1 billion Muslims across the globe will celebrate Eid al-Fitr  today which is more then the number of people celebrating Julia childs birthday . But no doodle how sad.  
Re: Why no doodle for Eid ? sadheart 8/19/12 11:30 PM
I just came across the same thought..........

They ignore it as if thought there is no such thing as Eid !!!

After as Google owners are Jews........... And Jews & Muslims are NATURAL Enemies .
p.s.: This is not an opinion but it is the Fact !!!
Re: Why no doodle for Eid ? Indian Muslim 8/21/12 12:14 AM
I also expected a sweet eid doodle......but so sad!
the only reason is, they are.........JEALOUS!!!!!!