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webOS - HP touchpad kable4u 8/14/12 7:42 PM

recently google is forcing touchpad users to use a mobile version of google and have to press classic link to get search results. The touchpad is a 10 inch tablet not a phone. Why google why are you doing this? 

could someone at google fix this for us please?
Re: webOS - HP touchpad naruto321 8/15/12 7:16 PM
can someone please fix this? It's quite annoying. Hp touchpad is not a phone!!!
(unknown) 8/15/12 11:57 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: webOS - HP touchpad STARHomeComfort 8/19/12 7:18 AM
Just piling on to bring some attention to this - noticed last week it was defaulting to mobile version....c'mon google get it together.  BTW anybody in this group running android on their touchpad?
Re: webOS - HP touchpad gpb123 8/19/12 7:38 AM
please fix this. It is extremely annoying. Between this and the igoogle loss google is close to losing my business.
Re: webOS - HP touchpad ZDNeal 8/19/12 5:22 PM
as far as I can tell you can't disable it.  It really sucks.  
Re: webOS - HP touchpad toucan2k 8/20/12 1:36 PM
I would like to add my voice to the sentiment expressed in this forum. I have been very happy with my touchpad until this change to mobile search and have spent a lot of time trying to work out how to set it back, until I found this forum. Google please reverse this for the touchpad or at least allow us to choose the default setting.

Re: webOS - HP touchpad missyagogo 8/20/12 7:12 PM
This really has been annoying me to no end as well.  I use my TP religiously for work, school, and play.  The fact that I now have to attempt to tap "Classic" every time I perform a new google search is ridiculous.  And half of the time I wind up hitting "Privacy" by mistake.  Seriously, what genius at Google thought that this was a good idea?  This needs to be fixed!!!
Re: webOS - HP touchpad rkous 8/21/12 6:12 AM
google, you are now providing the mobile search page for a 10 inch tablet. please revert this change asap.
Re: webOS - HP touchpad moto415 8/21/12 12:54 PM
Google, please restore the full, classic view on searches for the HP Touchpad platform. 

Mobile view is limited to 3 results and most surely deprive your advertisers the views they pay for! 
(unknown) 8/21/12 1:51 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: webOS - HP touchpad claudiapilar 8/21/12 8:06 PM
I find this so annoying & I was killing myself trying to find out why they did this!? Pleasseeee change it back!!!
Re: webOS - HP touchpad McFly81 8/22/12 3:30 AM
Please fix this!
Re: webOS - HP touchpad Paul 8/22/12 10:57 AM
This issue is actually best addressed over in the Web Search Forum, so I'll move this thread over.
Re: webOS - HP touchpad DazWilkin 8/22/12 3:44 PM
I wrote a small OpenSearch provider called "Google (NoMo)" to distinguish it. Once installed and selected, it will use the original (no-mobile) search results when using Just Type. I'm unable to find a way to get this to work as the default search engine in the TouchPad browser unfortunately.

Re: webOS - HP touchpad Jacqueline N 8/24/12 1:41 PM
Hey everyone!

We made some changes for this a few days ago - are you still having trouble?

Re: webOS - HP touchpad KeepItSimpleG00gle 8/24/12 6:28 PM
Hi Jacqueline,
Thank you! It looks as if it's fixed now. I was still getting the mobile view on my HP Touchpad yesterday (United Kingdom), but I have just tried it and I'm back to the classic view. I was going to sell my Touchpad if this wasn't resolved, such is my dependence on Google. What a relief.
Re: webOS - HP touchpad luckyinred 8/25/12 9:11 PM
Hi Jacqueline N,

1.  My touchpad browser still goes to mobile not full classic.
2. . Also the search bar gets stuck over half way. Very very very frustrating.
Please fix it.  Just started few days ago.


Re: webOS - HP touchpad YeepYeepYeep 8/27/12 3:35 AM
This is still broken on my Pre 3 and its making the internet almost unusable
Re: webOS - HP touchpad rkous 8/27/12 7:37 AM
It is fixed now for the HP TouchPad tablet, thx!
But the HP Pre 3 smartphone (capable phone with 480x800 screen and webkit browser) still gets the "wap" style google search page, which is meant for less capable phones.
The default search url is google.com/m/search... and this used to work fine (resulted in the mobile search page with the "tabs" on top). Now it results in the basic "wap" style search page. When the search url is changed to google.com/search... (so without .../m/...), we get the "normal" mobile search page again. But the default search url cannot be changed without some hacking, so the webOS users would very much appreciate it if google could change the mobile search page back to what it was.
FYI, the complete default search url is: http://www.google.com/m/search?client=ms-palm-webOS&channel=iss&q=#{searchTerms}
Re: webOS - HP touchpad csstone27 8/27/12 2:18 PM
I am also still having an issue on my Palm Pre 2.

Not sure if this is the same issue as experienced back in 2010:  http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/websearch/DIV3FdJ_Pmg

Re: webOS - HP touchpad Jacqueline N 8/28/12 10:21 AM
Hi all -

Palm Pre folks - we're making a change for the Palm Pre very, very soon, and you'll be getting a new and improved experience after that. Please hang in there just a bit longer!

luckyinred, it sounds like your browser might have something funky going on. Can you try clearing your cache and cookies and let me know if the problem persists? These look like some good instructions for clearing cache and cookies if you need some pointers.

Re: webOS - HP touchpad ekdikeo 8/28/12 3:05 PM
Please don't forget there are Pre 2s and Pre 3s out there as well :)

Re: webOS - HP touchpad YeepYeepYeep 8/29/12 3:22 AM
Thats looking great now, thanks
Re: webOS - HP touchpad csstone27 8/29/12 6:27 AM
Thank you for the fix google and improved experience!
Re: webOS - HP touchpad rkous 8/29/12 7:03 AM
Thx for the fix.
A pity though, that we had to use the "wap" version for 2 weeks.
Would it be possible next time to limit the degraded mode of operation to, say, less than a day?
Anyway, I'm really happy now it's back to normal again.
Thx again for fixing this for the webOS community!
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