A threatening phone call

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A threatening phone call higgin29 12/13/12 11:07 AM

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from Google stating that  despite  mailing  me letters (that I never got ) and many phone calls to my home regarding my account stating that if I did not respond to this last time my Google account will be permanently shut down. I have been submitting sites with you for more than 10 years but never got a threat like this from you. As much as I like to my budget is limited and cannot afford to pay you for a pay service. Unfortunately I did not save the conversation as proof but if I get that phone call again I will keep all the records. Please don’t scare me like that, I have a small business to try to make my ends meet and it will be devastating to have the largest search engine shut me off



Ernie Higgins


Re: A threatening phone call Kousha N. 12/13/12 5:24 PM
Hi Ernie,

Thanks for you note. What kind of account is this for? We generally don't make these kinds of phone calls or make any threats, so please use caution with what information you share. There are some companies who will pretend to be Google for malicious intent. Let me know the next time you get a phone call like this and I can verify whether it's us.

Take care,

Re: A threatening phone call higgin29 12/13/12 6:52 PM

Hi Kousha,

This is just a submission to Google, I don't have any pay per add or any other program you offer except Google+. and only one site listed some where on Google.How they got my phone number is a mystery because I am sure I did not include that info when I submitted my site,just my name and e-mail address.

Thank you for your prompt response !
Re: A threatening phone call Shannon... 12/13/12 6:52 PM
Hello higgin29,
Google employees would never threaten you.  They are professional at "all" times.  Kousha N. here is one of them...and has always presented himself as professional.
The next time you get a phone call like that note the phone number.  If it doesn't show on caller ID, be suspicious.  Just ask them for it, and see "if" they give it to you.
Re: A threatening phone call William Rock 12/14/12 5:49 AM
I had a client that had this experience and when I looked up the guys name he was a consultant... However yes he did tell the client that he was from Google ... I will look up the email see if this maybe the same company..
Re: A threatening phone call higgin29 12/14/12 7:23 AM
Thank you for your reply,

Is this guy your (Google)  consultant ? I am doing the best I can to put my site as high ranking as possible but it makes me uneasy. it is a scam isn't it?
Re: A threatening phone call William Rock 12/14/12 7:39 AM
I am a consultant for this company, unfortunately I could not find his email to me about it.. I was hoping to see if this guy is the same guy.. Once I called the guy and challenged him my customer never got a call back from him.
Re: A threatening phone call higgin29 12/14/12 8:08 AM

I guess it will be a waiting game. I’ll make sure that next time I will be more aware. I just want to know how he is conning people in to giving him money.

Thank you for helping me in this matter William, my site is not breaking any laws, I sell adult sexual enhancement  tools and is not considered a pornographic site so I think I’m in line with your policy. Maybe when you have a spare time you can teach me how I can get a better ranking…without spending too much money of course





Re: A threatening phone call higgin29 12/15/12 6:14 AM
Sorry William,
 I can't find the e-mail you sent me with your phone number.please send it again. If you would like to call me my number is (770) 932-2682
Thank's a bunch !
Re: A threatening phone call Kousha N. 12/15/12 1:00 PM
Hey guys,

I just want to remind everyone to be as protective as possible with your personal information. If you're looking for website advice, I sugget that you check out the Webmaster Central forum -- there's a lot of good help there.