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PDF title misspelled Stefanie Carr 11/16/12 6:35 AM
I posted a PDF for a company product, when you do a google search the title of the PDF is misspelled. How do I fix this?

Re: PDF title misspelled Kousha N. 11/19/12 9:11 PM
Hey Stefanie, you'd have to check out the website where the incorrect spelling originates. The search results only report what is presented by the site itself. If it's misspelled on the site, it's going to show up that way in the results.
(unknown) 11/20/12 6:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: PDF title misspelled Daniel Carlyon 11/20/12 7:02 AM
It is actually caused by Google's OCR.

I ran a little experiment in Google Drive with that pdf.

I went over to Google Drive as it has Google's OCR technology built in. I downloaded the PDF from the website and uploaded onto my Google drive ( https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-3Z_KuaAhcJQ0poZnFxbURJU00/edit ) I then used the "Open with Google Documents" and it exported it to my Google docs and the OCR translated it to "Easylllealn® 360" as you can see here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-cemB8e6v_mh_bu4PtEP7uhJhK_c0A6LyGwwg9xxU-8/edit