Putting quotation marks around a phrase

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Putting quotation marks around a phrase jimbee 8/9/12 9:38 AM

I thought putting quotation marks around a phrase would give me more relevant AND FEWER results than not using the " " .  For the search Bronx immigrant "Puerto Rico", I got 3.4 mil without quotation marks but 31.9 mil with them around the words Puerto Rico.  Please explain why that is happening?  Thanks.
Re: Putting quotation marks around a phrase Kousha N. 1/9/13 2:00 PM
Hi jimbee,

This is a great question! In a few cases, this actually may happen because of the way we fetch results for you. With the high volume of sites available to search, Google separates its index into tiers so that more relevant documents can be refreshed at a higher rate. If you use quotations, we will search through more of the tiers to find as many results that fit your specific search. That means that it's possible for a search with quotations to dig deeper than a similar search without, and potentially return a higher number of results because of it.

Hope this is helpful,