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webtools verification

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webtools verification Been wrong before! 1/6/14 12:13 PM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: 
I just lost verification of all of my sites ?
Re: webtools verification Richard Missey 1/6/14 12:18 PM
The same is happening for me, and it's intermittent. I'll have full access, refresh the screen, get an error that I don't have access, refresh the screen, have access, click a link, don't have access... rinse & repeat.
Re: webtools verification Perficient SEO 1/6/14 12:23 PM
Me too, when I try to reverify a site, it says "hmm something isn't right". You got that right!
Re: webtools verification Ben Griffiths 1/6/14 12:32 PM
Mine works, but I've kicked this upwards.
Re: webtools verification Jim Jolley 1/6/14 12:38 PM
Me also...
Re: webtools verification Drew Dowdell 1/6/14 1:08 PM
Lost my verification too.
Re: webtools verification Gary Illyes 1/6/14 1:23 PM
Thanks for the reports, guys! I escalated them to the Webmaster Tools team and they are looking into it. Thanks again for reporting it!
Re: webtools verification Been wrong before! 1/6/14 2:54 PM
ll looks well for me Thank you