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content keywords Been wrong before! 10/23/12 3:10 PM

 How long will pages I delete show up in my content keywords in my webmaster tools thanks.

Re: content keywords JohnMu 10/23/12 3:31 PM
Hi Webmastered

The keywords shown in Webmaster Tools are based on the keywords we find when we crawl your pages. They are not representative of how we view your site's relevance in web-search, it is purely a count of words from crawling (so if you see some words there which are common on your pages but which you find irrelevant, I wouldn't worry about it). If you remove those pages from your site, the next time we attempt to crawl and index them, we'll drop those keywords from our records -- and with that, over time, from Webmaster Tools as well. 

Hope it helps!
Re: content keywords terrainguy 10/25/12 2:40 AM

Can you confirm that the content keywords listed in Webmaster tools do not have any bearing on a websites search results?, I used to have a flash file for my header and although its been deleted for a long time (at least 6 weeks) I have a totally irrelevant keyword with 680 appearances, with the significance bar completely filled, the keyword is "december" and so from being relevant, surely there must be some penalty due to the number of occurrences such as keyword stuffing?. This has worried me and I am sure many others so your clarity is welcomed.
Re: content keywords JohnMu 10/28/12 3:50 AM
Hi Terrainguy
That's correct -- the keywords data shown in that Webmaster Tools feature is only based on the crawled content, not based on the relevance for indexing. For example, if you have a calendar on your pages, we might pick up the weekdays & month names very frequently, but that would not mean that the site is in any "penalized" because of that. Our algorithms are pretty good at picking up issues like that. 

On the other hand, if you see words there that are totally outside of your normal content (eg pharmaceutical product names, if your website isn't about that), then that would be a sign that something's not quite right.

Re: content keywords terrainguy 10/29/12 3:22 AM
Hi JohnMu,

Thank you for the clarification, It certainly had me concerned. 

Kind Regards

Re: content keywords Nasir Khaliq 11/28/12 12:31 AM
dear when search on google webxzone it ewill be show other websites when click webxzone link plzz removed it NIKE and HEELS
Re: content keywords alkirke 12/4/12 6:59 AM
Hello Mr JohnMu,

I have keywords in my "content keyword" Webmaster tools account that aren't on the associated pages
and I don't even know what they mean.
They also show up in the top 4-10

Any advice would be appreciated

I have checked the pages and source code and cannot find these words.

An example below is word number 4 and pages that webmasters tools shows

Google found the keyword accusantium on these top pages:

Top URLs

And other words I don't know and are not on pages on my site about car paint protection
except number 11

4. accusantium
5. doloremque
6. iste
7. laudantium
8. sit
9. unde
10. voluptatem
11. platinum (2 variants)
12. protection
13. natus
14. omnis
15. perspiciatis
16. sed
17. natus
18. omnis
19. perspiciatis
20. sed

Thank you or anyone for help

Re: content keywords cristina 12/4/12 8:49 AM
Alan, those words are in the source code of your pages, look in your browser with View Source.