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All urls in the sitemap is not indexed.

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All urls in the sitemap is not indexed. Infiniti Research 12/24/13 2:16 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is:

I have submitted a sitemap with 40K urls in it but only 100 is indexed till now.

I have also resubmitted the sitemap so that it can index more but not. Can you pls help and let me understand what are the reasons for not indexing it. I have checked all the urls present in the sitemap are correct.


Re: All urls in the sitemap is not indexed. Manjit Lotey 12/24/13 11:50 AM
Please be patient!  Google Webmaster Tools may take some time. 

I can see 9,970,000 results for your website -
Re: All urls in the sitemap is not indexed. Gary Illyes 12/25/13 10:56 AM
Hi Infiniti Research,

First and foremost, submitting a Sitemap doesn't guarantee the pages referenced in it will be indexed. Think of a Sitemap as a way to help Googlebot find your content: if the URLs weren't included in the Sitemap, the crawlers might have a harder time finding those URLs and thus they might be indexed slower. 
Another thing you want to pay attention to is that our algorithms may decide not to index certain URLs at all. For instance, if the content is shallow, it may totally happen it will not be indexed at all. For more information about creating high quality content, see Amit's post:

Moreover, as Manjit said another thing you'll also need patience. It may very well happen that all the crawlers need is simply more time to find your great content :)

Hope this helps!
Re: All urls in the sitemap is not indexed. Matt Difani 12/26/13 3:19 PM
Hey Infiniti,

Just took a peak at the sitemap in the businessvibes robots.txt file and many of the URLs are redirected. Double check your sitemap generation process to make sure all submitted URLs send a 200 OK response and are the canonical versions of the URLs you want indexed. On the bright side, as Manjit pointed out, your site appears to be well indexed in Google :) ... but sitemaps will help get an extra level of granularity as to what is being indexed and what isn't.

Here are a few issues that will decrease the indexation of a sitemap:
  • Submitting URLs with HTTP Status other than a 200 OK Response
  • Submitting URLs that have a rel=canonical pointing to a different URL
  • Submitting URLs that are in the /robots.txt
  • Submitting URLs that have a meta noindex
A few helpful, sitemap related resources: