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Organizations logos

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Organizations logos yoann aparici 5/16/13 3:07 AM

Could we hide the logo if it's already embed in our CSS.

Could i put "display; none" to the <img /> if header as already my logo in background-img ?
Re: Organizations logos Alix B. 5/16/13 4:04 AM
I was wondering the same thing. The post from Google clearly states that you "can add the following markup using visible on-page elements on their homepage", but it would be nice to have the flexibility to specify a logo that might be a bit different to the one on the page (different size, maby more simple design, more suited to a SRP). 

But then again could it be abused? i.e. people displaying more attractive logos in the SRP to attract more clicks?
Re: Organizations logos Bilal Sarwari 5/16/13 5:13 AM
Why not to do experiment with this? Its a testing game, add your code and verify it from this page will guide you if there is any mistake in your code
Re: Organizations logos Dustin P. 5/16/13 7:08 AM
I would only use this on displayed images. They seem to frown upon having hidden information used in snippets already.  And they do say "visible, on-page" in the post.  I wouldn't risk it.
Re: Organizations logos Cees dejong 5/16/13 7:38 AM
I agree with Dustin. Visible means visible.