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Question about correct rendering of site reviews

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Question about correct rendering of site reviews William Peebles 1/15/14 1:35 AM
We recently switched from Shopzilla reviews provider to implementing our reviews in house.

I have a feeling that these haven't been implemented incorrectly from an seo point of view as our SEO traffic started to drop a day after.

Could somebody check the below and offer any insights? (example of a review page user sees) (example of a review page served to Google but not the user)  (example of Google's cache of a review page)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Question about correct rendering of site reviews @WilliamHarvey 1/15/14 3:17 AM
Without conducting a full analysis I would say that a drop in search traffic a day after implementing a code change is too soon to blame it on the new reviews.
At what date did the drop in traffic start? and was it a drop in Google search referrals?

Re: Question about correct rendering of site reviews Zineb 1/15/14 4:35 AM
Hi William Peebles,

The way your reviews are implemented on your page is indeed wrong, and does not comply with our Rich Snippets quality guidelines: your reviews are considered hidden because you're showing a different content to your users and to Googlebot.
You'd want to change that and make sure that search engines and your users are served the same content.

Regarding your traffic drop, it is probably not due to how your structured data are marked up. 
I would recommend that you work on improving the overall quality of your site. Creating more pertinent and useful content for your users is what you should keep in mind !



Re: Question about correct rendering of site reviews Meding44 1/16/14 6:50 AM
Hi +zineb thanks for keeping us informed. I've a question regarding rich snippets for reviews. We're implementing a new system to collect reviews and to display them on website. You may find an example here : 
My question : is there a guideline from Google to use for Review name and Description (ReviewBody) as we're looking to and  it's not clear how we should label the following items:
name:Business review for MOZALAMI
description:Poor place
Item 1
author:Mohammed2 A
reviewbody:This is really poor service

Could you please hav a look and tell us what's wrong or what's the good way to show on Google results.