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Demote Issue

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Demote Issue waker jenny 12/23/13 11:10 PM
when i search my website in google i am getting link of xml, that link i already demoted 2 month before in google webmaster tool, but still in google search result category xml link is showing and in my webmaster tool also it is showing 1 link in demotion, so what to do in that case?

Can anyone help me please?
Demote Issue cristina 12/24/13 10:47 AM
It is not clear what you mean. Can you post the URL (use a URL shortener if you wish).

Re: Demote Issue waker jenny 12/24/13 9:30 PM
I mean when i search my website in google then in search search site links are coming in that site link one category xml link also appearing that that xml link i demote in google webmaster tool long before but still in search result xml link showing in site links.
Re: Demote Issue cristina 12/25/13 4:12 PM
If you cannot post the URL of the website and a few examples of the search queries you made, it is impossible to answer your question. It is like asking what weather is on that day, without specifying what day that is, or on which continent.
Check that you set preferred domain in Webmaster Tools, just in case it might be related to with-www/without-www issues, but without knowing the site URL it could be anything.
Check if there are crawlable links to that XML document.

Re: Demote Issue JohnMu 12/25/13 9:14 AM
Hi waker jenny

I'm *guessing* that you might mean sitelinks, which are shown below a search result, and which can be demoted in Webmaster Tools. Is that right? Keep in mind that we use a number of factors to determine sitelinks, and while they're less likely to be shown when demoted, they won't always disappear completely in those cases. If you're seeing a URL like that as a sitelink, and if this is a URL that you don't want to have visible at all in search, you might also consider adding a noindex robots meta tag (or x-robots-tag), and using the URL removal tool. More information on the robots meta tag can be found at .

Hope it helps! (and if not, it would be great to have more details, perhaps even your site's real URL)

Re: Demote Issue cristina 12/25/13 4:11 PM
Hi John, it seems to me that the OP is intrigued by the fact that the sitelink happened to be an XML document, and most people would expect sitelinks to be HTML/XHTML (not XML).
But without the site URL and the search query we cannot see what is happening, or why the XML is a sitelink etc. I would guess that at some time there could have been some links to it, they might still be.
If the site is indexed in search results with both with-www and without-www URLs, maybe the link was demoted only in one version. Could that affect the fact that the sitelink is still there? (assuming it still is, we do not know without the site URL, it might be only in OP's personalised search results or browser cache, we simply cannot know without the URL).

Re: Demote Issue waker jenny 12/26/13 2:39 AM
Yes JohnMu, you understood my question perfectly!

But the site link which appearing in search result is my category xml, that i cant do no index robots meta tag or use removal tool.
Re: Demote Issue cristina 12/26/13 4:26 AM
John mentioned the noindex X-Robots-Tag in the HTTP server header, and he posted the reference link to the spec that shows the format for it. You should be able to add an X-Robots-Tag in the HTTP header to any type of file, including XML . If your web server is Apache you could use .htaccess for it, ask your web hoster to help you.
If you can post the real URL of your site (use a URL shortener if you want), and the search query that returns the sitelink, we in this forum might have a look why that XML document was chosen by the algo as a sitelink.
I already recommended that you check if there are crawlable links to it, that mike make the algo select it as a sitelink.