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Top 2 in google with spam? :(

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Top 2 in google with spam? :( Leonardo Andres Huarita 6/21/14 10:44 PM

I do not usually ask almost never here. I'm more than adsense forum, but I have something I'm very intrigued to see very often with the theme of Brazil Worldcup 2014.

Leave then a search result

If you look hard enough, then the news there is a result of fusion tables (product of google) that clearly does not make sense is in second position.
This url use techniques black hat with links spam and has keyword sobreoptimizaction.
You can artificially position very quickly to events like these, blackhat beats google's algorithms and hurts many other sites that give relevant information.

The site to which I refer is the following com / Fusiontables / data? Docid = 1RncDgWsd-5vP23g9-CSHNnhpbJkhvtdr0YvQAW1l Do not put the link, will have to copy and paste it in the browser.

If access can notice that there is a link to another site with adsense advertising.

As well as this there are many other examples, one from each football match....

I would like to know what you think about this?

Sorry for my bad english



Re: Top 2 in google with spam? :( ets 6/22/14 9:22 AM
If you think it's a problem, please put in a spam report:

Google doesn't necessarily take action on every individual spam report, but it does use the reports to improve the algorithms - so spam sites generally get demoted sooner or later.
Re: Top 2 in google with spam? :( JohnMu 6/22/14 11:08 AM
Hi Leonardo

Thanks for posting this -- that does look pretty embarrassing. I'll forward your feedback to the people working on these products. 


PS Which team is your favorite? 
Re: Top 2 in google with spam? :( Leonardo Andres Huarita 6/22/14 4:10 PM
Hi JohnMu!

Thank you very much for your help!

My favorite team is Argentina, but I think Netherlands and Germany are very powerful.