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Submit Website Services AndroidBegin 10/28/12 11:44 PM
I've googling awhile and i stumbled on some sites that offer mass website submissions to search engines. Will it effect our website ranking if we use that kind of services.?
Re: Submit Website Services I know nothing 10/29/12 12:23 AM
A pointless waste of time and energy IMO.

Against our advice, one of our clients has recently done exactly that, his SERPS went from positions 1-3 for search terms to page 4 or lower within 10 days.
Re: Submit Website Services JohnMu 10/29/12 12:29 AM
Hi and welcome to the forum!

As "I know nothing" mentioned, these services are not needed and can even be counter-productive (if they create unnatural links for your site, which would be against our Webmaster Guidelines). 

Re: Submit Website Services AndroidBegin 10/29/12 12:32 AM
Noted and thanks for the advice. 
Re: Submit Website Services MarkPriors 10/29/12 9:11 PM
Thanks for remember these webmaster guideline with save to web ranking. Warning for all search engine services provide holder !!
Re: Submit Website Services martinacastro 10/30/12 11:06 AM
I saw lots of these services and I don´t know and understand what they include.

What about submitting your site to some directories (only good ones), making you the submissions or hiring someone for this? Is bad? I don't mean 1000 directories submissions for one site....

and some guest posting with one link to my site, could be bad?

Re: Submit Website Services StevieD_Web 10/30/12 3:22 PM
>What about submitting your site to some directories (only good ones)

can you name a good directory that accepts submissions?

There aren't too many of them.  Maybe two..... DMOZ and Yahoo.

The rest of the free, open to all spammers are not the pixels they waste.

Are there valid trade directories?  Absolutely.  But you don't get to submit your url as the directory chooses whether they desire to add you.