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How should a website target multiple regions

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How should a website target multiple regions CopiedContent 6/26/12 10:13 AM
Hello All,

I am trying to figure out how to make my website target multiple regions since we offer hosting service in the US but most of our customers come from different countries. So far I have gathered that making a ccTDLs for my website (, with the corresponding language translation for the content will be the best choice. What I want to know is that will Google view these type of content as duplicate if for instance one of the website is and my main website is but both use English? Also, would it be a better idea to redirect the website to the .com website? Would I still gain more traffic from visitors if I do a redirect?

One more thing that I was looking at is using a gTDLs on our sub domain as an alternative option (, Do these sub domains have to be hosted on a different IP address and hosted in the same location as the region I am targeting? Would all these new website be counted as duplicate content if they are in the same language? 

Would someone recommend me which option would be the best choice or direct me to more information where I can find out more about targeting multiple regions for my website?

Thank you!
Re: How should a website target multiple regions APeters 6/26/12 3:21 PM
Hi CopiedContent,

Using different TLD's is a good idea. Just keep in mind that redirecting such a TLD to your .com will not influence your rankings at all. You should have a website on those TLD's. Having several websites in English should not be a problem if you have a marketing plan for all of them like you probably have for your .com. You want your content to be localized (UK English is different from US English), you want local sites to link to you and thus build a true local presence. Google Webmaster Tools allow you to add all your sites to your account and set a different target country for each of them.

You can use sub domains as well. TLD's are slightly better though. Hosting on local IP's is slightly better in both cases, but getting local links is more important. I wouldn't spend too much time or money to get a different IP for each TLD.