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"generic" ccTLDs list update

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"generic" ccTLDs list update sakeoftruth 5/3/14 4:19 AM
Some time has passed since the list of ccTLDs that google treats as 'generic' (e.g., .co, .cc, etc.) was posted. I suspect more ccTLDs could (should?) be treated as generic, and I wonder if in fact some are. Is this list up to date? Is it to be updated soon?

Re: "generic" ccTLDs list update Ashley 5/3/14 2:08 PM
Hm - how do you know when this page was last updated?
Re: "generic" ccTLDs list update sakeoftruth 5/3/14 3:08 PM
The list has remained the same for about a year. A number of prominent SEO bloggers picked up the story a year ago from Pierre Far, and so one can compare the list as quoted with the one I linked to above.
Re: "generic" ccTLDs list update JohnMu 5/5/14 10:34 PM
Good point - we should update that article. In addition to those, we currently treat the new TLDs as gTLDs, even if they sound like they may be region-specific (eg .berlin). If, over time, our analysis shows that they're clearly limited to only websites from those regions, that might be worth reconsidering. In the meantime, you should be able to set geotargeting manually for these TLDs. 


Re: "generic" ccTLDs list update sakeoftruth 5/6/14 1:10 AM
Thanks, John. I also have in mind other ccTLDs that are increasingly used generically (e.g., .do).