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Domain search Sam Waugh 12/22/12 5:11 PM
Why is it that google search doesn't show my domain site when I google it?
Cheers Greg
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Re: Domain search Matt_Cutts 12/25/12 1:26 PM
Hey Sam, this site is pretty new and we really haven't seen many links to it yet at all. It's also hosted on a webserver that is fairly heavily loaded. As a result, crawling pages from this site has been lower in our crawl priority.

There's no manual webspam issues with this site, so I'd consider submitting the site to Google and looking at getting a few links to the site.

Hope that helps,
Matt Cutts
Re: Domain search travler 12/25/12 4:23 PM

You may also want to look at the site from the viewpoint of a user.

What exactly is it I am buying ?

When I click on the links, I get the add to cart part, but still not sure just what it is I am buying.

go to and enter your home page url to see what the bots see.

not a lot.

No meta description, etc, with scant content above the fold (one screenful) or on the page = the graphics are the same for each item.

The text color on the About page and others is very hard to distinguish from the background.

Perhaps make the text darker to aid readability.

Add some links to other pages within the site for more info. 

Also when I click on the Specials tag it just reloads whatever page I am on.

This page has  no info at all

This page duplicates the about greg page.

And duplicates the home  page.

Go through the guidelines and seo starter guide and add more unique content to the site and see how it goes.

Give the bots something to sink their teeth into :-)