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page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/28/13 2:33 AM
Hi our website has been out there for 7+ years, with page ranking of 4. In mid march this year we made a update to the site and a new skin to give our site a up date look from that day we have died. We have use seo free soft ware and we are told our site is in a "sandbox" or google has blocked our ip, why and how do we get out of this mess google has put us in befor we join the unemployed at the dole office, HELP. Dereck
Re: page ranking I know nothing 4/28/13 4:13 AM
There is no "sandbox" at Google, you have been given incorrect information Dereck.

PR is based on many factors, one of which to my understanding is IBL's (Inward Bound Link).

I see your links coming from directories, these have been devalued in some cases.

PR if it didn't exist, would affect your business how exactly?

If you want to improve your site, you could do worse than fix every pages errors:

Using Firefox, I cannot use your left hand column navigation, moving my mouse to the pop out list makes the list disappear. Please tell me how I can navigate your website.

Where are your business details? I cannot find them anywhere...


You could stop filling your page titles with spam:
Towbars | Detachable Towbars | Towbar Accessories | Towbar Fitting

Using your h1 tag for this, is a total waste of this important tag:

<h1>Sign in</h1>

Using the same h1 tag on every page is a huge no, no.

I could go on and on... Sorry.

Look at Opencart, it is a far superior free shopping cart.

Re: page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/28/13 8:16 AM
Thanks for the reply we had the new skin added in march with the drop down menu I will email them on monday we have looked at the errors and have found that they are also down to the new skin turning off the blocks at the page bottom removed the errors. Not having PR is killing us total. Dereck
Re: page ranking I know nothing 4/28/13 8:29 AM
So if your site is listed in the top three results for your search term in Google and you have a PR of zero or PR didn't exist, how is that killing your business?
Re: page ranking Lysis 4/28/13 9:01 AM
Gotta second IKN, how is no PR killing your site? Makes no sense unless you're selling links.
Re: page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/28/13 10:43 AM
We sell towbars towbar wiringkits and trailer parts before the up date if you typed in audi a3 towbar we would be on the first page there for making sales now we do not show any where and it is the same with any of the product we sell, so no show no sale no profit'
Re: page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/28/13 10:45 AM
We have no place rankings so dont sell Our product, Dereck
Re: page ranking Been wrong before! 4/28/13 1:25 PM
 I agree with other posters, sites with o page rank can be found in first place in search
 The Google keyword stuffing penalty now kicks in after the first 100 uses.
And the other fixes from IKN.
Re: page ranking Luke :) 4/28/13 1:35 PM
It just looks like your site has fallen bellow modern quality standards.

You have some duplicate content

You have 4,990 pages on your site, these days any thin , non informative pages can be detrimental to a sites overall quality.

The essence of this is you are going to need to poor a lot of effort into your site to rank again.

To rank , each page needs to be thought out properly to clearly express its message - Non spammy titles , correct H1 and H2 and all content needs to be orginal.

It can be done 
Re: page ranking um6890069 4/28/13 1:57 PM
I tried less than 10 links and found 4 empty pages.  You could drop the sub > sub categories and all your pages would have something on them at least.  Or at least don't generate links for categories that have no products.  Plus what everyone else already said.

Re: page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/29/13 1:29 AM
Thanks for the reply but what is IKN ? Dereck
Re: page ranking Luke :) 4/29/13 1:34 AM
IKN is short for I Know Nothing , a volunteer who offered you advice.
Re: page ranking Dereck Hancock 4/29/13 1:40 AM
Thanks for reply can you please tell me what IKN is ? Dereck
Re: page ranking Luke :) 4/29/13 1:56 AM
IKN = a username of a volunteer named-  I Know Nothing - see above
Re: page ranking JohnMu 4/30/13 2:15 AM
Hi Dereck

One of the difficulties our algorithms have with your pages is that they appear to be using the same keywords over and over again -- making it hard to recognize what's really unique & compelling on your site. For instance, looking at the cached version of your homepage: - I see over 1000 mentions of "towbar." The same is the case on URLs like (where even the URL includes 3 mentions of towbars). Our algorithms are pretty good at recognizing important content on your pages, you don't have to repeat them unnecessarily. 

Hope it helps!
Re: page ranking ubound 4/30/13 11:00 AM
In addition to what JohnMu advised, I would also change to a simpler more straightforward template. You have a lot of Javascript and ajax there. Drop everything that is not necessary. I am saying this because you specifically mentioned that you dropped in rankings after design change. There can be no guarantee but worth a try.
Re: page ranking fleabit 4/30/13 7:19 PM
OK john so why does quickmeme rank for the word meme then?
Re: page ranking Lysis 4/30/13 7:30 PM
lol seriously? quickmeme? You can't be serious.
(unknown) 5/2/13 3:24 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: page ranking Himanshu Bhatt 5/2/13 3:26 AM
Hi fleabit >> "quickmeme" it self is a brand name for their services and what John is talking all about is the repeating the keywords in urls along with the domain name.