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When will ClientLogin stop working with Google Webmaster Tools API ?

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When will ClientLogin stop working with Google Webmaster Tools API ? LynnW_JavaGirl 10/21/13 11:25 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
I have studied the Help Center, read the FAQs and searched for similar questions
My URL is: not relevant to the question.

Sorry if this is the wrong discussion category, but there doesn't appear to be one for Google Webmaster Tools API related questions. 

When will the google webmaster tools api stop supporting the use of ClientLogin? It seems that when ClientLogin stops working depends on the product you're using: For instance, adwords versions after 2013 won't support it and the 2013 versions that do support it will no longer work after Jun 2014 (see:

But, since I can't find any announcement specific to Google Webmaster Tools API, will it be allowed until April 20, 2015 as this doc ( ) seems to indicate ?

Is there currently a way to use OAuth 2 authentication with google webmaster tools.  It seems the current version of the java client library for webmastertools is 2.0 and that only supports OAuth 1a.  

In truth, I need to know a bit more than just authenticating to the Webmaster Tools API with OAuth 2, because since there is no API feed for retrieving Top Queries, Top Pages, Internal Links, etc. we like many others have to resort to programmatically logging in and finding the download csv link to use.  So our solution involves a mix of using Webmaster Tools API to get the Sites feed and then using making requests for urls in the Webmaster Tools UI, 

This causes a problem like what is mentioned here: :

Problem: the download url for CSV downloads is:  /webmaster/tools/downloads-list?hl=%s&siteUrl=%s

But the Google data API only allows OAUTH2 against:  /webmasters/tools/feeds/sites/

So the authToken retrieved doesn't provide access. 



Re: When will ClientLogin stop working with Google Webmaster Tools API ? JohnMu 10/23/13 4:18 AM
Hi Lynn

Thanks for your feedback! You're right, it is a bit confusing at the moment -- the team is aware of these issues, but at the moment these are the ways to get this data.