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Re: High Quality Website Affected by Panda Update

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rjones9 11/12/12 12:47 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: High Quality Website Affected by Panda Update iBill 11/13/12 2:55 PM
Is your content original? A good part of the Google Panda penalty is to compare websites with Panda-trusted sources. If there is significant matching content, then that website will be penalized. Note that it doesn't matter who the original author is. The Panda algo assumes that Panda-trusted sources are the authors of their content and that all others are copies. You can read more about Panda here:
Re: High Quality Website Affected by Panda Update rjones9 11/14/12 6:29 AM
The majority of our content is original, and we never copy other work because even the newsy pieces we put our own spin on.  Like I said previously, we have stopped our Zimbio site and blocked oceanstylemagazine, but it appears as if there are more problems at play here.  

The Panda updates are the only thing we can think of that would be causing the issue.  In Webmaster tools we are don't have any problems showing, and a reconsideration request was pointless because they never blocked us as Spam in the first place.  Really the only thing that happened is we stopped showing up in searches as often as we had been.  

We actually noticed that starting in September around the time of the Panda update that our Fashion blog had started acting strangely in the rankings, as in Google would rank our landing page higher than the actual stories if you searched for the story's title. The problem has seemed to spread now to the rest of the site.  

We are at a loss here, and can't see to find out how to resolve the issue and reclaim our ranking.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: High Quality Website Affected by Panda Update travler 11/14/12 6:49 AM
Home page has little content above the fold - ads and images mainly, including banner ad top of page, followed link.

I noticed that footer links contain nonwww links within your site, and your site is set to www, so this adds an extra step to redirect each page load. 

(And FWIW the dropdown top menu covers adsense ad which is a against adsense TOS and can lead to accidental invalid clicks.)

You might like to work through the items on (site not doing well in search) if you haven't already.

do a and scan the results to have a look at what is being indexed - some page titles are weak, upper case/ lower case off (minor, but a quality signal nonetheless).

Tags and categories should be / could be set to noindex as the actual content within each is on another page on the site. 

On Monday, November 12, 2012 3:47:20 PM UTC-5, rjones9 wrote:
I've read the FAQs and the searched the help center, and it appears as if the latest Google Panda update has had a negative impact on our search traffic from Google.  We've looked through everything on our backend, and have found no problems or issues that could be causing this, and the only change that was made when this started was a Google Panda update.  How do we go about getting our search ranking back, and increasing our overall traffic once more?  

We have noticed our content was being copied by a couple of different websites, namely a Zimbio site we had created and  We have since disabled Zimbio and blocked from copying us, and we're hoping that this helps rank us higher once more. We spend a lot of time developing this content for our users and we want them to be able to find us once more. 

Thank you very much for your time and any help you may be able to provide in this matter.