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Duplicated content on a regional basis

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Duplicated content on a regional basis roger_cw 6/26/12 5:54 AM
Three years ago I started the digital magazine '' designed for worldwide readership.

Now we want to move this on to 'regional editions' i.e. Europe/Africa/Middle East - Asia/Pacific - Americas to increase advertising revenue (many companies budgets are by region).  Each edition comprises 40-48 A4 pages of editorial/advertising and are published 10 times a year.

Each edition will have its own domain name and the main editorial content will be the same and in the same language, English.  However, advertising pages will be different and there will be some regional editorial as well as associated regional WordPress driven News blog.
I already use canonicalization and 301 redirects as each edition is in flipping digital, PDF, basic html and mobile versions.

What, if any, are the problems with search engines that I should look out for in managing the 3 regional domains?     Visitors going to the home site will be redirected according to country IP address look up unless they choose to read another region.  We enjoy a high ranking and would hate to create any issues.

Re: Duplicated content on a regional basis Robbo 6/26/12 7:00 AM

Have a read of the posts in the "Internationalization" section and the related help material provided by google.

If you then still have any questions, you find some helpful folks here!