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Authorship warning message

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Authorship warning message spizzo14 4/13/12 6:56 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is:

On the Rich Snippets testing tool, it says this warning Warning: based on data collected from your profile, you contribute to while your website seems to be
I tested this page

I am using modrewrite so that goes to how is this an error or this must be a bug in Google ??
Re: Authorship warning message Karlha 5/24/12 5:01 AM
I had the same issue when I added my G+ profile to my website and tested it in Rich Snippets. I made a search and found another person having the same issue and he had a solution. However, he claims that "Finally i came to conclusion that,   we can’t add author information in search results for the author’s blog which was configured in Google+.  It mean, Contributors Domain name & Author website should not be same."

I found a solution by adding the main category to the G+ profile in the contributing website. For example.  Use instead of just I experimented it and immediately I did a test in Rich Snippests and the warning message went off and my G+ profile started showing up.

Let me know how it turned out for you.
Re: Authorship warning message JohnMu 5/26/12 1:02 AM
Hi spizzo14

This message seems to say that you need to be consistent with your choice of www or non-www usage for authorship. Keep in mind that these are technically different host names, even if in your case they appear to redirect. 

Additionally, it looks like your pages use rel=author to point to a Google+ Page, not to your Google+ profile. Authorship is for people - therefore you need to point to your personal profile. If you wish to connect to your Google+ Page, you can do that with rel=publisher markup (which is only necessary on the homepage). 

Finally, keep in mind that our algorithms prefer unique, compelling, and high-quality content. I realize it sometimes is useful to write about things that are in the news elsewhere, but you should really work on providing your unique insights overall -- if you wish to have our search engine recommend your website to users. There's an interesting video on this topic at :)

Re: Authorship warning message sdz 5/30/12 4:18 AM
Hi John,

Thanks for this explanation - one question:
Can a company be an author or is it just related to individuals?


Re: Authorship warning message JohnMu 5/30/12 5:34 AM
Hi Essedizeta

For the authorship markup, you can only use Google Profiles, which are limited to individuals. With that in mind, you won't be able to set a "company" (or a Google+ Page) as an author, you can only use the "publisher" link for that.

Re: Authorship warning message sdz 5/30/12 8:52 AM
Many thanks!
Re: Authorship warning message spizzo14 6/1/12 6:02 AM
Hi John, i was able to fix that error, but now it shows another error referencing the hcard. Why?

Re: Authorship warning message JohnMu 6/25/12 9:34 AM
Hi spizzo14
It looks like the div around your author name uses a "vcard" class name. This is interpreted as being a hcard ( ). I'd just remove that to clean it up, but it's not critical. Another thing I noticed is that your authorship link goes to a multilogin-URL (with /u/0/ in it). to make sure that the link works everywhere, I'd just remove the /u/0/ part. 

Re: Authorship warning message spizzo14 6/26/12 5:17 AM