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MadAdsMedia malware

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MadAdsMedia malware Andy Froehlich 2/8/14 2:52 PM
Geez Google, you need to hurry up and rescan those affected by the MadAdsMedia issue.  It's killing sites all over, ours included.  I cleaned this code up 6 hours ago and I still cannot request a re-scan and users are still getting a warning.  We go an epidemic on our hands here!!

Re: MadAdsMedia malware Nezdet Arif 2/8/14 2:58 PM
I have the same issue. 
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Tee Johnson 2/8/14 7:54 PM
Me, too. The only reason I chose them is because they reportedly worked with or through Google. 
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Nezdet Arif 2/8/14 7:58 PM
Has your issue been solved?
Mine is still displaying that message
Re: MadAdsMedia malware irmawan hadi saputra 2/8/14 8:06 PM
i have same problem to. my sites www, down and still waiting 24h for google reviw back my sites after i remove this F*ck*ng ads network (madadsmedia).
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Nezdet Arif 2/8/14 8:09 PM
madadsmedia, have had huge problems last couple of weeks. My Impressiones fropped significantly the last couple of days. How was it for you?
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Tee Johnson 2/8/14 8:16 PM
Unfortunately I just found out, I have been gone all day, and when I went on twitter, I had many messages to check my site. So I didn't have to wait all day like most other sites to send a request, my request link was already there. I just don't know how long before they turn it around. My site numbers are down 50% today because of this...UGH!!!
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Tee Johnson 2/8/14 8:18 PM
Several people are having this problem, it's really crazy
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Thiru Kumaran 2/8/14 10:09 PM
i have same issue to. my sites & My site also blocked by google with the reason being "The Website Ahead Contains Malware!" . I had delete all my ads :
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Syeds 2/8/14 11:13 PM
Hello everyone, I have just write a detailed case study about this incident and discussed steps we used to recover one of popular website in just 4-5 hours hardly, with other useful information and guidelines. Its worth to read,
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Motrolix Systems 2/9/14 7:28 AM
I couldn't request a review till a couple hours after the malware was discovered. It took Google a good 8 hours to rescan and clear my websites after submission. The real bummer is all the guys that didn't know it was happening. MadAds apparently knew about the breach at 12:00 noon Eastern, but didn't send out thier notification till 7:30 Eastern. I won't be using these guys anymore.
Re: MadAdsMedia malware sneakerheadtwo3 2/9/14 8:41 AM
I'm going through the same thing, and my site still hasn't been cleared. I took down ALL of MadAdsMedia's ads and submitted the request sometime last night (I don't remember the exact time) and Google Webmaster tools still says "Request in Process" and Google is still showing this:

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!

GWT says the review process can take up to 24 hours, but is there a possibility that it will be sooner? The site is
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Nezdet Arif 2/9/14 8:49 AM
it goes much quicker, dont worry, just request for review
Re: MadAdsMedia malware June Haskell 2/9/14 12:37 PM
any progress??  I'm still getting the freaking warning about malware
Re: MadAdsMedia malware nidya 2/9/14 12:57 PM

plengdut .com >> no warning on Google
trickknow .com & techgator .org >> no warning
gossiponthis .com >> there is a warning.

Remove the culprit, request a review (webmaster tools) and wait a while. I understand that 24h is a very long time but it works.

Useful doc:

Don't forget to scan your PC with a malware removal tool/antivirus.


Re: MadAdsMedia malware Tee Johnson 2/9/14 1:48 PM
I sent a request about 10 PM last night and four hours later my site was finally unblocked. I also removed all of the Mad Ads script, and will no longer be using them.
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Joe Penter 2/9/14 2:10 PM
My site was taken down too from these people.  Is this true Maleware or just google confusing it as malware?

My site finally went back up today.
Re: MadAdsMedia malware Redleg x3 2/9/14 2:39 PM
A couple of observations --

Unfortunately from time to time a "malicious" ad sneaks into the ad distribution infrastructure.  Typically it is not one of the ad providers that is hacked, what happens is a site that has an ad out in the system gets hacked and the previously clean ad becomes malicious. 

Typically within the ad infrastructure the ad providers "sell" each other ads, so as in this case, multiple ad providers are effected when a malicious ad gets into the system.  Mad Ads was not the only ad provider that was distributing the malicious ad in this most recent case.

For some reason it typically takes Google some time to sort out where the malicious content is coming from when it it an ad.  As most of you saw Google is real quick to detect that when they request a page it does something malicious, and are real quick to flag the site that owns the page they are not quite so quick in sorting out where the malware is coming from and providing any feedback or the request review link in Webmaster Tools.

Google's malware review process is totally automated.  On average it takes 10-12 hours for a review to run and for the warnings to be removed (if clean).  In some cases it can take as little as 2 hours, in others 24 hours plus.  When Google reviews the site the first thing they are going to do is check the URLs that they have already identified as malicious.  If they return an HTTP status of 200 and a clean page you are going to be on the short side of that 10-12 hours.  If they return a 403, 404, 410 you are going to be on the long side of that 10-12 hours.
Re: MadAdsMedia malware irmawan hadi saputra 2/9/14 2:48 PM
my problem solved after waiting for 13h :) thnks all