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geotargeting Peter Ferguson 12/20/13 10:03 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: 


In Geotargeting my target is set to Russia simply because my domain is .ru  
Isn't this a bit discriminatory Google?
Just because my domain is in .ru doesn't mean it is my main target! 
There must be a way to change this or is it only possible with .com sites?
geotargeting cristina 12/20/13 11:15 AM
Have a look at
The geotargetting feature of Google Webmaster Tools is to help site owners/webmasters of sites with a generic TLD (like .com or .net) specify a preferred country for geotargetting.

Re: geotargeting Peter Ferguson 12/24/13 7:22 PM
Thanks Cristina! Does this actually mean that someone with a country domain(.ru) will not appear in seaches in for example: .de or .fr if the person is looking for example english by phone(like in my case)? Or do you mean that it is only to help generic TLD's?

Re: geotargeting cristina 12/25/13 3:56 AM
Geotargetting is not about language, is about country. For example if you search in and you select to see only search results from UK, you get URLs with the country TLD, like or etc. , and sites on servers located in UK (with any TLD, like .com etc. ) and sites that selected the geotargetting setting for UK.
If the search setting is all the web, sites appear for that search from all over the web, not restricted by country location or TLD.

Re: geotargeting JohnMu 12/25/13 9:10 AM
Hi Peter

Geotargeting helps us to bubble up a site in search when a user is looking for something local. It doesn't prevent that site from appearing in search normally elsewhere. It's fine to use a ccTLD like .ru for global websites. 

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Re: geotargeting cristina 12/25/13 4:43 PM
John, I think the question was why the option to set geotargetting in Webmaster Tools is available only for country-neutral TLD. 

Re: geotargeting cristina 12/25/13 5:00 PM
John, sorry, but I do not understand very well what exactly you mean by the bubbling up. Is the bubbling up happening mainly in ? In country-specific google searches, for example or , when selecting with Search tools only results from that country, only search results from sites on servers from that country, and ccTLDs from that country, and country-neutral TLDs with geotargetting settings in Webmaster Tools to that country, appear in search results. It is a bit more than a bubbling up, it is a filter. Or has this changed? (just curious :)

Re: geotargeting Peter Ferguson 12/26/13 11:45 PM
Thanks a lot guys for your answers! It is more clear now.
Happy holiday season