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Google search results have a bug

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Google search results have a bug ChiefRA 6/23/14 6:06 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is:

I'd like to report a Google search snippet bug.

Problem: Google mixes up French and English languages versions of the same page in search results, returning mixed English and French snippet:

Steps to reproduce:
a) Search platform (desktop version in all languages - english, indian, romanian etc.):

b) Keywords to seach for: 12345 banyan road coastal sotheby's

c) Actual results: a mixed snippet French - English:
 - If we click on the arrow to view the cache version, the URL leading to the cache version contains the English version of the page also, but the actual cache page is in French - with the correct French URL:

Expected results:
Since the result is in English and the Title of the snippet leads to the English version of the page, we'd expect the snippet to be all in English.

Can anyone from the Google Team take a look at this and provide a feedback?

Re: Google search results have a bug Suzanneh 6/23/14 6:38 AM
You don't seem to be using the hreflang tag:  That might make a difference.

Use canonical tags too.

The French page doesn't seem to be indexed in Google at all.  Should it be?  Are you blocking it in any way?

Re: Google search results have a bug ChiefRA 6/23/14 8:33 AM
Hi Suzanne,
I'm using hreflang, but it's implemented in the sitemap to make the page code shorter, see the =>

Canonical tags are used too but they're useless in this case.

The french page is indexed otherwise Google wouldn't render it in cache, see the above second print screen from point c).


Re: Google search results have a bug Suzanneh 6/23/14 8:46 AM
The French page I'm looking at isn't indexed. :-)  French Canadian.

I'll move this over to Rich Snippets.

Re: Google search results have a bug ChiefRA 6/23/14 11:29 PM
Hi Suzanne,
With all do respect, you're looking at the wrong page: my problem is with the mix between the English version and the European French version page ( /fra/ ) which IS indexed, not the Canadian French ( /frc/ ). Please take a look again at my initial statement.
Re: Google search results have a bug JohnMu 6/30/14 11:49 PM
Hi Arthur!

One of the main issues we noticed here was that the primary content is often untranslated. Taking a random URL of a property, and swapping out the language code, results in a translated template, with some of the attributes translated, but the main description remains in English. This results in us assuming that these URLs are to some extent equivalent. Having the full content translated would be the optimal solution, since it would allow us to really treat these pages separately. If that's not possible, and if the choice of canonical that our algorithms pick isn't your preference, using the rel=canonical (in addition to the hreflang) would help push for your preferred canonical version. The hreflang in this case would still show the best-fitting URL to the users, but the snippet would at least be in your preferred language. Personally, that feels a bit suboptimal to me, so if at all possible, I'd recommend working to make sure that the main description is also translated.