Re: My twitter account Malware warning.

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Re: My twitter account Malware warning. Saptarshi Samanta 12/30/12 1:48 PM
Re: My twitter account Malware warning for TWIT PIC - attached screen shot Michelle Stein 12/30/12 2:12 PM
When I did the google safe check, per the link you sent me, there was 0 malware detected with twitter or my twitter account.

HOWEVER, when I did the google safe check on was listed as suspicious. How do I clean or remove twitpic from my twitter account if I can't access my account. Please advise. Thank you.


Re: My twitter account Malware warning. JohnMu 12/30/12 3:28 PM
Hi Michelle

It looks like some content from twitpiccom is currently being flagged by our anti-malware systems. If you're the webmaster of this site, you can find out more regarding specific URLs and code snippets in Google Webmaster Tools, under the malware details section ( ). That said, it looks like a review request was recently submitted, so if all goes well (and the issues resulting in the flagging are no longer found), then you should be able to use that site again normally soon. Thanks for your patience & have a great new year!

Re: My twitter account Malware warning. Sandra Naessens 12/30/12 3:44 PM
Same here. My twitter account works normal. However, when I want to visit other people's profiles I get a "malware detected" warning on some of them and I can't access those profiles.
Strangly enough this only seems to be the problem with 1 browser. 
I use Google Chrome. I just tried it on Internet Explorer and there everything seems to be working fine. So it must be a problem with google Chrome.
I don't know what to do about it, but I hope it'll pass, because I prefer GC over IE. 
Re: My twitter account Malware warning. Michelle Stein 12/30/12 3:50 PM
Thanks for getting back, however your reply is not of any help.

HOWEVER, even though the twitter account is MINE, and I've requested a review of my twitter account via Google. Since there is no way to verify MY twitter account because it is not a website, (just my twitter account). There is no way to upload the google verification code into my twitter account. 
This does not help me, as I still can't access my twitter account. PLEASE advise how this can be corrected.

This is highly frustrating.