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QR Code as backlink?

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QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/6/13 12:01 AM
Hi everybody,
I've a question about qr code.
Do you think that Google will consider it as a backlink?

Thanks for your time!

Re: QR Code as backlink? JohnMu 9/8/13 10:12 AM
Hi Chiara

That's an interesting question -- do you have an example of one that we could look at?

Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/10/13 2:38 AM
Hi John,
no, I don't have any specific example, this is what I've done:
  • I published a new web page;
  • I used, in order to obtain qr code and stats, too;
  • after scanning ( the page wasn't indexed yet, of course), I saw in one visit.
So I thought: what about if we start to stick qr codes on wall, on shop windows ( I mean, such a wonderful for geo targeting!)  and what about if they are found by a new special google "bot" car :)  ?

I know John... I'm a visionary person :)


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Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/10/13 5:11 AM
I love qr codes, they allow you to do many things without spending anything... and yes, you are a genius :)
If you want, I know many resources where you can find a lot of information/tips/advice (send me an email to uale75[at] .

About spam and qr code, I remeber what Piersante Paneghel told me in the past (in 2012):

"If it happens, SEO vandals could get out of the web and spread on walls e windows of the city"

Anyway, I'm sure that Google could find the way to resolve the problem...perhaps with a nofollow link embedded in shop windows :) :)

Re: QR Code as backlink? Lysis 9/10/13 1:56 PM
Well at least you're a thinker over these boring offshores SEOs with 0 innovation. 

If I see a bunch of Indians running around posting qr codes in my neighborhood, I will know that the Internets is officially dead to me.
Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/12/13 4:08 AM
I'd like to see a "bounch of Indians running around..." it could mean that my country, Italy, is becoming a more "normal" country... :)

Re: QR Code as backlink? Matt Storms 9/16/13 8:29 AM
I am running a test on this. I created a page with a QR code on it linking to a page that I have not submitted to Google and not searched for. It does have a bot tracker on it. If Googlebot hits the page then QR codes will work on search pages. 
Re: QR Code as backlink? black belt 9/16/13 8:45 AM
The "what is that QR code?" ad has been done for some time on construction sites that are boarded up. There are also t-shirts with QR codes too - all of which begs the question: Will a site's traffic may rise and fall based upon the time of season (when those shirts come out) as well as geographically (such as a change in a country's immigration laws?) But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The ad industry questions whether QR codes are here to stay as it has not gained such a great foothold couple with new and alternative technologies that are extant, e.g. augmented reality apps and NFC.

@Storms - very cool test. Would be curious to hear the results.

Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/17/13 12:06 AM
It sounds very interesting!

Re: QR Code as backlink? Matt Storms 9/17/13 1:00 PM
Nothing yet, I can see googlebot got to the page with the QR code on it but they have not done anything with it yet. I want them to go to the next page.