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QR Code as backlink?

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QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/6/13 12:01 AM
Hi everybody,
I've a question about qr code.
Do you think that Google will consider it as a backlink?

Thanks for your time!

Re: QR Code as backlink? JohnMu 9/8/13 10:12 AM
Hi Chiara

That's an interesting question -- do you have an example of one that we could look at?

Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/10/13 2:38 AM
Hi John,
no, I don't have any specific example, this is what I've done:
  • I published a new web page;
  • I used, in order to obtain qr code and stats, too;
  • after scanning ( the page wasn't indexed yet, of course), I saw in one visit.
So I thought: what about if we start to stick qr codes on wall, on shop windows ( I mean, such a wonderful for geo targeting!)  and what about if they are found by a new special google "bot" car :)  ?

I know John... I'm a visionary person :)


QR Code as backlink? terry noname 9/10/13 3:14 AM
Wow that sounds quite dangerous sticking qr codes on walls and shop
windows for a backlink.

You could just imagine all the wall and window spamming (in the real world) if it would count as a backlink.

Businesses would be selling window space for backlinks!! And all walls across the world would be spammed with a new graphite called qr backlinks.

Google's Matt Cutts would have to come up with an algorithm that runs around the world cleaning walls and shop windows!!

We can't let that happen, let's rather stick to spamming the web for backlinks.
QR Code as backlink? terry noname 9/10/13 3:47 AM
You've now really made me think of a business opportunity.

I live in one of the top 10 tourism destinations were a company called "brochure management" distributes tourism establishment brochures. Most places like sanctuaries, coffee shops, shopping malls have a wall dedicated to displaying these brochures.

Maybe its time to "modernize" the entire brochure marketing industry, by me purchasing wall space and printing brochures with qr codes that can then be scanned via mobile phone allowing the tourist direct navigation to the website without having to type the URL.

That would save the tourism establishment money, not needing to print thousands of brochures that simply end up litter. The visitor simply scans all places of interest and then bookmarks for further reference.

Wow, I'm a genius, or not?. Do you think it will work?
Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/10/13 5:11 AM
I love qr codes, they allow you to do many things without spending anything... and yes, you are a genius :)
If you want, I know many resources where you can find a lot of information/tips/advice (send me an email to uale75[at] .

About spam and qr code, I remeber what Piersante Paneghel told me in the past (in 2012):

"If it happens, SEO vandals could get out of the web and spread on walls e windows of the city"

Anyway, I'm sure that Google could find the way to resolve the problem...perhaps with a nofollow link embedded in shop windows :) :)

Re: QR Code as backlink? Lysis 9/10/13 1:56 PM
Well at least you're a thinker over these boring offshores SEOs with 0 innovation. 

If I see a bunch of Indians running around posting qr codes in my neighborhood, I will know that the Internets is officially dead to me.
Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/12/13 4:08 AM
I'd like to see a "bounch of Indians running around..." it could mean that my country, Italy, is becoming a more "normal" country... :)

Re: QR Code as backlink? Matt Storms 9/16/13 8:29 AM
I am running a test on this. I created a page with a QR code on it linking to a page that I have not submitted to Google and not searched for. It does have a bot tracker on it. If Googlebot hits the page then QR codes will work on search pages. 
Re: QR Code as backlink? black belt 9/16/13 8:45 AM
The "what is that QR code?" ad has been done for some time on construction sites that are boarded up. There are also t-shirts with QR codes too - all of which begs the question: Will a site's traffic may rise and fall based upon the time of season (when those shirts come out) as well as geographically (such as a change in a country's immigration laws?) But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The ad industry questions whether QR codes are here to stay as it has not gained such a great foothold couple with new and alternative technologies that are extant, e.g. augmented reality apps and NFC.

@Storms - very cool test. Would be curious to hear the results.

Re: QR Code as backlink? uale75 9/17/13 12:06 AM
It sounds very interesting!

Re: QR Code as backlink? Matt Storms 9/17/13 1:00 PM
Nothing yet, I can see googlebot got to the page with the QR code on it but they have not done anything with it yet. I want them to go to the next page.