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Google SEO html5 tags vs divs

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Google SEO html5 tags vs divs Dima Taras 10/28/12 1:55 PM
what is better use html5 tag or ordinary div for google SEO??
for example
<div class="header/footer/article"></div>
Re: Google SEO html5 tags vs divs Robbo 10/28/12 2:54 PM

Hi Dima

If you will convince me that the difference between
<div class="header/footer/article"></div>
has any significant benefit to the human visitors to your site and/or significantly helps search engines "understand" the site and appreciate the quality and relevance of the information there, I will try my best to find out.

At the moment, the vast majority of sites use <div>  and I don't think using the alternatives would give you any special advantage.

That's not to say those innovations are "bad" or not important; simply I don't think they are relevant at this time to make sites in general  "better" in the ways that google looks for.

Another factor is whether the new tags would be widely "understood" by the various browsers out there.  Any info on that?

Re: Google SEO html5 tags vs divs Dima Taras 10/28/12 3:18 PM
the situation is that I dont want to mess my head with new tags if efforts < output.
As for me it easier to make divs rather then trying to put needed html5 tag and add support for old browsers (html5shiv).

So I would like to know or get link on article from google seo stuff about do pages with html5  "semantic" tags have benefits over those pages that uses divs??

Re: Google SEO html5 tags vs divs JohnMu 10/28/12 3:28 PM
Hi Dima

At the moment, we don't treat that kind of markup any differently than older markup (be it with "div", or any similar elements). At any rate, I wouldn't worry about the HTML "versions" when it comes to search engines -- if you have great, unique, compelling, and high-quality content, we'll try to pick that up and use it appropriately. Go forth and make a fantastic site that works great for users -- and if that happens to use HTML5, then so be it :). If it happens to use XHTML or HTML4, then that's great too.