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how to remove site link from

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how to remove site link from mySexyMeow :-) 4/13/12 4:28 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is:

I have read couple similar post; however, they do not suggest a way to remove the back link from . So I did a block in robot.txt. I don't know if it is help. Can any webmaster give me an idea?


Re: how to remove site link from StevieD_Web 4/13/12 11:04 PM
file a complaint through their contact page.   List ALL of the urls with links to your site.
Re: how to remove site link from webado 4/13/12 11:54 PM
The robots.txt block blocks their robot, but what they've already crawled is past history.

Don't bother with updowner, that's just noise. Google does not hold  backlinks from known spammy sites like that against you.
Re: how to remove site link from sergskd 4/21/12 9:28 AM
robots.txt does not block anything. It only says that you do not want the page be visited, but do not block.
My site has 3174 links from and I blocked their IP address on my hosting control panel. But it is too late. I wish I blocked them before they created so many links links.
My number of visitors dropped more than twice from 1800 to 800 per day.

Pages linked from     Total links     Total linked pages             3,174               25
Re: how to remove site link from webado 4/21/12 9:43 AM
The robots.txt blocks specific robots from crawling all or part of a site. But robots either obey or don't obey it.

Updowner claim that if you block their robot they will honor it. Obviously in most cases it's too late as you'd only be trying to block their robots after you've seen the links from them.
In any case they don't even need to crawl the site to have links to its pages. Ditto for blocking their IP on your site.

Google ignores all the links form Updowner. They neither hurt nor help you. They are just noise, trash.

If you see performance problems with your site it's not because of Updowner links.

In particular look at your inner pages and how you are displaying Adsense blocks: in the prime viewing area of the screen. Get them out of there, either to the far right site or the bottom  of the screen. In any case way out of the way, not to be confused with your content nor with your navigation.

Re: how to remove site link from djhood61 4/29/12 6:03 AM
Is this still the fact that after the recent Penguin update? our site has experienced a drastic reduction in traffic after the recent Penguin update, and we are searching for answers. We have 1950 links from up down We're just wondering if this could be a contributing factor.
Re: how to remove site link from webado 4/29/12 6:43 AM
Chances are it's the Adsense blocks before the real page content that may be causing ranking issues.
Re: how to remove site link from ѕquibble 4/29/12 9:14 AM
And I have  2,331 from updowner to I would not worry about them for any amount of time.
Re: how to remove site link from Updowner_Team 6/15/12 3:59 AM

My name is Bart and I am member of Team.
I wanted to share with you the latest changes on It should
resolve some of yours doubtless and concerns.

We have noticed negative feedback regarding to some features,
especially when dealing with linking to your domains.

Just to ensure everyone that we always respect your decision to have or not
your site in our ranking.
If you choose your site not to be accessible for updowner bot - please
block our robot in your robots.txt file. If you want to remove site from
updowner listings, you can get register and remove site by yourself or
alternative just mail us. Your site will be removed ASAP. All you need to
do that is described on

Please remember that you can always send us the domain removal request from

We have also removed domain preview section from pages, but
you can still add your own description of your domain (HTML allowed) or
edit some of its details, the same way as it was before the update.
This should minimize the amount of links pointing to your domain, so
hopefully you will not receive any notices in in your GWT any more.

Re: how to remove site link from findurlaptop 6/16/12 4:13 AM
I also have same problem.I saw more than 400 links from updowner for my site . I was not aware as well as never bother of this fact before penguin update damged my traffic a lot.Recently I changed some links in my site ,when i was finding error inspite of i removed those from index and internal links of site,i observed that updowner has created a huge list of those links.I removed site from crawl.But still links are appearing in my Webmaster account.

Re: how to remove site link from Geminineil 6/16/12 6:11 AM
If you email them at updowner they will remove your link. WMT seems to lag behind so although the number may increase for a few weeks it will then go down. I have links showing in WMT that were removed 6 months ago - I just hope that WMT ignores them!

Re: how to remove site link from StevieD_Web 6/16/12 12:56 PM
Nice to see somebody from the site in question respond to the complaint.

as I have said repeatedly based upon my own experiences, updowner will remove links upon request.  Just follow the directions provided by Bart.

Re: how to remove site link from StevieD_Web 6/16/12 12:57 PM
>I have links showing in WMT that were removed 6 months ago - I just hope that WMT ignores them! 

Yes, big G is ignoring them.  Also big G is slow to index updowner so it takes longer to migrate the links out of WMT.
Re: how to remove site link from Geminineil 6/16/12 1:04 PM
with so many websites and links being created by surely Google must ignore them and those links cannot or should not contribute towards a bad link profile?

Re: how to remove site link from webado 6/16/12 2:00 PM
They don't.
Re: how to remove site link from OkayNetwork 6/16/12 3:16 PM
While there is clear evidence that Google does ignore some links on some sites, especially if it de-indexes the site that's spamming. Matt Cutts announced a new tool in the works to help combat spam done on purpose or by accident that Google has not detected or you think it might not have detected. The bad news is it might take a month or two or few before they launch such a tool.
Re: how to remove site link from harren 6/29/12 2:03 AM
My site also got to many links from and when i contacted updoner team they remove my links from his sites But i have a question i have recenatally redirect my site to by 301 but my webmaster tool show me 3000 links from to my site is it harm ful for my site?

Re: how to remove site link from webado 6/29/12 7:01 AM
The old domain is still indexed, over 1000 results.

They will disappear (as well as whatever outgoing links they have to any site including your new domain) due to the 301 redirection. It just take a long time for Googlebot to recrawl all of the old domain's urls to discover the 301 redirections.
Re: how to remove site link from JohnMu 6/29/12 1:00 AM
Just to follow up here -- for what it's worth, we do ignore the links from