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Error with Google webmaster tools

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Error with Google webmaster tools Dale Gillespie 9/18/13 11:22 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: 


one of my sites 'had'/'has' a manual action notification in the  manual action viewer  it was there this morning then later today I linked my analytics to webmaster tools to help further analyse and help get rid of the webspam.

However here lies the problem shortly after I merged I noticed the manual action had disappeared, we are working very hard on detox and clean up and a detailed re-submission request however it will all be for nothing if I cant do a reconsideration request via that link.

Please help  ... but can you revive my manual action notice and or give me another manual action??     Then after we have finished the clean up I can request re-submission.


Re: Error with Google webmaster tools luzie 9/18/13 2:48 PM
Hi Dale,

hm ... weird ... I'd wait a couple of days to see whether this is just a database hickup or something else, the notification perhaps coming back after a while - on the other hand this could be a good sign. Theory goes that manual actions will be revoked automatically after some months even without reconsideration request in case the initial reason for the manual action doesn't apply anymore, like when thorough cleaning has removed all bad links.

Anyway, I'll ask for some help because this seems new to me.

Re: Error with Google webmaster tools Geoff Hay 9/19/13 12:37 AM
Thanks for the reply, however is that just speculation as we have a large business and its imperative we resolve this.

I hope that's the case but the timing is too convenient, and the link that google pointed out as spam is still their and we have only scratched the surface in getting the toxic stuff removed.

Will give it a week then and hopefully the request option will return, if not is this the best place to get something done?


Re: Error with Google webmaster tools Eric Kuan 9/20/13 2:33 PM
Hi Geoff,

It looks like the manual action that was applied by the webspam team on your site expired. Right now there are no manual actions affecting your site in Google's search results. However, even when a manual action expires, if the reason for the original manual action is still relevant, it's possible that the manual action will return later on.

I'd strongly recommend that you continue removing any inorganic links to your site to prevent any future manual actions on your site.