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what does "expired" mean?

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what does "expired" mean? lucy24 9/21/11 2:35 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site's URL (web address) is: n/a
Description (including timeline of any changes made):

I've looked this up but the answers I find don't seem to match what I see.

I've got two main batches of removal requests, one from late May and one from late June. All are for pages within the same directory. In all cases, the requested page was removed within 24 hours. Most of them are now listed as "expired"-- but there's no pattern to the non-expired ones. Some from the older batch are still listed as "removed" with the "reinclude" option; some from the newer batch are already listed as "expired".

What gives?
Re: what does "expired" mean? JohnMu 9/22/11 6:23 AM
Hi Lucy
We generally keep URL removal requests for the time until they're no longer relevant and up to 90 days. For example, You can use a cache / snippet removal request to let us know about content that was changed or removed from a page. Once we recrawl and reindex that page, we'll see the updated content in our index as well, so it's no longer necessary to keep that removal request live. For some pages, that might be the case after a few days, for others it might take much longer (weeks or months), which is why it's hard to see that as a pattern in the status updates. 

Should a URL removal (or cache / snippet removal) request become active again before the URL has been updated in our search results, I'd recommend just submitting another request. If you're seeing a general problem in that regard for your requests, then it would be good to have some specifics that we can follow up on with the team.

Hope it helps!