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Ranking - Drop Reasion

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Ranking - Drop Reasion Zafar Malik 1/5/14 11:29 PM
Hello Friends,

My website ranking is downs after Hummingbird update please help for getting ranking again , here is my website

Thanks And Regards,
Mohd Zafar
Re: Ranking - Drop Reasion Manjit Lotey 1/6/14 12:02 AM
Re: Ranking - Drop Reasion Zineb 1/6/14 12:02 AM
Hi Naved Malik,

The Hummingbird update does probably not have anything to do with your website's traffic loss.

The primary issue here is that you are using certain over-optimization techniques on your site that are in violation of our quality guidelines, especially when it comes to building unnatural and spammy links.

You should sign in to your Webmaster Tools account and check if Google has applied a Manual Action to your site. 
If that's the case, follow the instructions to clean up your pages and submit a reconsideration request once you're sure that your site complies with our webmaster guidelines.

Also, I'd suggest that you carefully read the articles and blog posts below:



Re: Ranking - Drop Reasion Smita Sharma 1/9/14 1:59 AM
Hi Manji Lotey,

As you said above, url in profile and no other information on  that site is spam.

[[[[[[After checking your backlinks I found you have done lot of spam

Some examples]]]]]]

I want to ask, if we create and submit our profile information in any site(with our website url). And for any reason we are not able to submit our links there. Will it be spam?

Re: Ranking - Drop Reasion Manjit Lotey 1/9/14 8:39 AM
Hi Smita Sharma, 

Please create your own new thread.