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Message for John MattAshby 10/25/12 7:43 AM
Hi John,

We spoke last Friday in a hangout and discussed some issues I was having and you said that you would take a look in to it for me. 

I posted the links that we discussed on the event page ( ) but not sure if you saw them.

All the best

Re: Message for John Lysis 10/25/12 9:21 AM
I will escalate it for you to bring it to his attention, but I see you got a lot of good comments from contributors. Anywho, I will flag it for him to look at just in case. I see you posted last month, so my suggestion would be to consolidate those discussion links, post them along with what you have implemented from the suggestions with any new information for people to look at.
Re: Message for John Ashley 10/25/12 9:41 AM
Re: Message for John MattAshby 10/26/12 1:57 AM
Thats for your replies.

I have taken the advice on board and changed the site appropriately. We have a small to-do list of changes to make, but these are things that in the past we have been told are not game changes, they might make you go from 7th to 6th and are certainly not the sort of thing that gets us out of the top 600 for key searches.
Re: Message for John JohnMu 10/26/12 4:48 AM
Hi Matt
Often there isn't a single "tweak" that can be made to a website to automatically make it jump up in rankings -- we use well over 200 factors in crawling, indexing, and ranking, and it's always good to work on the small things as well. When looking at the bigger picture, it's useful to really take a step back, and to try to see what could be changed overall to improve the quality of the content (when it comes to our algorithms), especially with regards to the content that's indexed. Off hand, I don't see any glaring technical issues, so it's really primarily a matter of working to create the absolute best website of its kind, one that attracts users and entices them to recommend your site to their friends & contacts.