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Structured data disappeared

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Structured data disappeared Pat Carden 6/10/14 1:50 PM
Yesterday webmaster tools showed well over 3,000 pages with structured data for products. Today the total is 247 pages so nearly 3k pages disappeared. Structured data testing tool shows valid results on any product page. Trying it figure out what happened.
Structured data disappeared Pat Carden 6/10/14 2:01 PM
Re: Structured data disappeared Grace Massa Langlois 6/10/14 5:32 PM
Good Afternoon Pat,

I don't have a lot of experience with structured data but I did notice a few things when reviewing the markup on the page.

  1. The property, reviewrating must be changed to reviewRating.
  2. The property, bestrating must be changed to bestRating.
  3. For the property, datePublished - you must use the ISO 8601 format, year-mm-dd, for example, June 5, 2014 would be displayed 2014-06-05.
Hope this helps.

Re: Structured data disappeared Pat Carden 6/10/14 6:24 PM
Ok, thanks Grace.  I'll see about making those changes, although the Structured Data Testing tool seemed to do just fine with them.  After seeing other posts about the same problem, I'm wondering if it has more to do with part of the markup being in meta tags.  Any thoughts?
Re: Structured data disappeared 6/10/14 7:59 PM
I have had a similar thing happen to one of our web sites.

We suddenly lost over 4,000 pages even though in the last few days we added structured data to about 1,000 pages that hadn't had it before.
Re: Structured data disappeared David Deering 6/10/14 11:17 PM
The structured data numbers that you see in Webmaster Tools are not always correct.  In fact, sometimes they fluctuate wildly, as apparently they are doing for you right now.  They usually come back and normalize within a week or two.  So as long as the markup is in the code and as long as Google's testing tool can pick it up, you're fine.  The structured data testing tool is the best indicator for determining whether or not Google can see and understand your markup.  So, no need to be overly concerned with the numbers in Webmaster Tools.

Re: Structured data disappeared Pat Carden 6/13/14 6:37 AM
Haha!  Well, today all my structured data is showing up again in Webmaster Tools.  Guess it's kinda fickle.  :)
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Re: Structured data disappeared Volksdevil 7/11/14 5:45 AM
Hello all, today we have seen a massive drop in structured data from over 1200 items down to 147! Anything to be concerned about? No code has been changed on the site. Example url:
Re: Structured data disappeared Whothought 7/12/14 7:16 PM
I only have one page showing up in webmaster tools
Re: Structured data disappeared Brian Ussery 7/12/14 10:40 PM
Hi Volksdevil & Whothought

Please create your own threads.  Answering multiple questions for different people in the same thread gets really confusing.  It is also a big help if you would be so kind as to share your URL.