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Problem escaping & in URLs

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Problem escaping & in URLs sgbotsford 5/9/12 9:17 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is:

I get a parsing error when testing my site map when it hits the following URL:
This is about 760 lines into the file.  It's the LOC line that gets the error.  It's a very generic error that doesn't give a clue about the cause of the error. 

Re: Problem escaping & in URLs KORPG Kevin 5/9/12 9:22 PM
Have you tried submitting the sitemap without the ascii code for the ampersand?

Problem escaping & in URLs cristina 5/10/12 1:54 AM
Is your sitemap at /sitenap.xml ? It looks OK to me and &amp; is the correct way to escape the ampersand character.
Did you change the sitemap? Could this be an older, cached error from a previous version? Try testing it again in a few hours.

Re: Problem escaping & in URLs sgbotsford 5/10/12 11:11 AM
Yes.  That doesn't work.  Same error.  Same line.

Exact text is:

TypeIssueDescriptionIssues countExampleLineDetected
Parsing error
We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting.

May 10, 2012

Google has an article:

that explains this.  I think I've followed it.  Doesn't help.
Re: Problem escaping & in URLs sgbotsford 5/13/12 5:37 AM
/sitemap.xml is the current version.

The errors arise when I go to Webmaster tools and submit the map for test.  It borks at line 706

The test function claims that the map is 'detected and today's date.  Last mod of the sitemap was yesterday.

I'm a bit surprised that Googles parsing engine isn't more robust than this.  Since this is not the only URL that uses ampersand, I would expect that it would give me more errors, rather than bork on the first one.

(In passing:  I had a problem with the pharma hack recently.  My web site is entirely static, but to prevent a re-occurence I synchronize it daily using rsync from a non-world accessible repository.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to get Google's index of my site cleaned up, hence the pressure on getting sitemap working again.)