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rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors

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rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Friedrich Zohmann 9/18/11 9:32 PM
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I would like to know how to implement the rel="author" tag on a single page where the content was generated by multiple authors.
The content I mean, are member reviews for restaurants. Every review for a restaurant is written by a different author, but all of course appear on the same page for each restaurant.
I did run a test with the rich snippet testing tool, and it always determined the first appearance(in the html code) of the rel="author" tag as the author of the page. I completely seemed to ignore the authors of the other reviews.

My question now is: Is it possible to add the rel="author" tag to every single review, and if so, how would Google determine who is the author of each review?

I have marked up all reviews with the microformats of, so maybe Google will use these markups, and the rel="author" link inside, as exact identification factor which review belongs to which author.


There is another question, which just came to my mind: Is the rel="author" tag related to I read that you should not mix different microformats (e.g. the ones from and the ones from
So I wonder if it might be a problem including a rel="author" tag inside a microformats markup from

Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Pelagic 9/21/11 6:01 AM
This article explains it pretty well;
Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Friedrich Zohmann 9/21/11 11:06 AM

thanks, but I know this article already and it does only explain, what to do, if you have multiple authors, posting articles on a website (being the sole author for an article), but it does not explain what to do, if any given article can have multiple authors.
I mean you can read there, what to do, when on any given page, just one author is included in the rel="author" tag. You still dont know, what to do, if there are rel="author" tags with different authors, on the same page (e.g. multiple reviews for the same restaurant).

Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Pelagic 9/22/11 1:41 AM
I believe it does cover that scenario ;)
Each of the reviews on the page would have a rel=”author” link to the corresponding profile page.
Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Friedrich Zohmann 9/22/11 11:00 AM
Yes, that may be true, but my questions still remain.

On a single page with multiple authors:

1st: How would Google determine which review (article) belongs to which author?
2nd: Which authors's photo (and link to his google profile) would be shown in the search results?
Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors RickRoll 9/22/11 12:17 PM
Friedrich Zohmann given the scenario you present, the only option I see is to break the pages into clearly defined areas of text with the author of each hyperlinked properly to their profile page.  

I do not know whether this would be interpreted properly and if I wanted to make the most of rel=author, I would break each review up into a separate post which then gets displayed as a single page (like the home page to a blog).

Since a single author avatar is displayed next to a search result, my best guess is that my initial solution would introduce more trouble than it is worth since Google would be told to display multiple avatars.
Re: rel="author" tag on pages with multiple authors Friedrich Zohmann 9/25/11 9:36 AM

Google can clearly distinct reviews via microformat, so i thought that it may use a rel="author" tag within a microformatted review to identify its author. Also on the microformats website there is a reference to this tag which mentions posts also to be tagged with the rel="author" tag.
Unfortunately its still not clear to me, if one should use this tag in a case with multiple authors on a single page.