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Help me my newly purchased domain,

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Help me my newly purchased domain, Chathu.B.U 12/25/13 3:19 AM

I purchased a new domain name last month. When I'm searching on Google, I can't find anything similar. Therefore I have purchased it. But after the purchase, accidentally I went to the and then I saw that this domain already resisted in 2001. I don't know when it's expired. Also Google webmaster tools link to my site doesn't show old backlinks.

So if that domain owner used black hat SEO strategies etc Google webmaster guidelines violations methods it will again affect me?

Re: Help me my newly purchased domain, Suzanneh 12/25/13 3:28 AM
Things they did in the past might affect you. It depends on what they did. No one can say for sure.  Check Search Traffic --> Manual Actions in WMT to see if anything pops up there.

Re: Help me my newly purchased domain, Matt_Cutts 12/25/13 8:02 AM
The short answer is that it depends. If domain hasn't really been on the web since 2001, I would expect any manual webspam actions to have expired a long time ago.

It's possible that the domain did some things in 2001 that would lead to algorithmic ranking issues, but the web typically changes enough in ~12 years that I'd be surprised if you ran into issues. Typically when you buy a site and run into problems, it's because someone was spamming more recently with the domain.

As Suzanne mentions, I'd register the domain in Webmaster Tools and check for any manual webspam actions just to be safe. Good luck!
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Re: Help me my newly purchased domain, Chathu.B.U 12/25/13 9:46 PM
Thank you so much Matt Cutts and Suzanneh. Yes, I already registered my new domain name in the Google webmaster tools (two month ago), but still no any warning. :D