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Compromised site?

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Compromised site? bluegouldian 4/13/12 1:13 AM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is:

A member of the above site informed me that the website was showing this after he did a Google search for us using "finch forum" as the search mode.
I have checked and I also asked the hosting company to check the files and the database all have come up clean.  I now wish to have the site reviewed by Google but keep getting directed to some Webmaster tools account (which I dont have).

Can someone please just review the site and mark it clean as I and the hosting company believe it is.  Thank you. 

Re: Compromised site? redleg-redleg 4/13/12 4:11 AM
Suggest you start by doing a search in Google using the site: operator

There are a lot of results that seem out of place with the context of your site such as 

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It is results like those that have caused Google to flag your site   This site may be compromised.
Re: Compromised site? bluegouldian 4/13/12 2:29 PM
I can see just from the titles why the site is considered compromised!
Ok how to get rid of these things, how to stop it happening again.
So much for the hosting company doing a check, that was as much use as a chocolate fire guard!
Re: Compromised site? bluegouldian 4/15/12 11:02 PM
Please any help to get rid of these things?  Not tech minded. Wouldn't have a clue where to start.