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My site is being hacked

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My site is being hacked SrHol 6/24/12 8:03 AM
Someone from Nigeria with the IP address has been hacking 1 of my sites with the cc99madshell thing. I fixed it with my webhoster & reuploaded an old backup but they are continually going to my site from Google even today.  What should I do? I don't know anyone in Nigeria or even on the entire continent of Africa.  Neither am I a programmer.
This is like someone breaking into your house and you know who's doing it but unlike a break-in to a house, you can't call the police.  My site is and please don't publish this.
Thanks very much if someone can help.
Re: My site is being hacked themuttsknutts 6/25/12 6:24 AM
There is as much chance that that ip address is an open relay as the attackers actual address.

I use drupal 7 and it has the ability to block ip addresses.

Also you can use htaccess or rewrite.script to block ip addresses.