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www or naked or both

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www or naked or both Jon Morgan 5/3/12 5:29 AM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: yes

My site's URL (web address) is:

Have a question regarding submitting/listing a site with google via site map. When I do a search for my site -, the results are displaying both the naked domain and the www in front of the domain. For best practices should i be getting only 1 of the 2 results?? I'm trying to figure out if the so called seo expert programmer I'm using, knows whats hes doing?? 

I'm still learning here, so thanks for any and all advice here.

Re: www or naked or both IM_Learner 5/5/12 4:07 AM
Yes, you should use either the www version or the non-www version.

All the above mentioned urls are treated as different urls by Google. Therefore consistency is a must.

Re: www or naked or both JohnMu 5/6/12 2:47 PM
Hi Jon

Either www or non-www is fine for Google. While we recommend picking one and redirecting the other (eg ) and see that as a "best-practice," it's not a requirement & many websites don't redirect and do fine in search.