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Our #3 Site totally dropped for no apparent reason

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Our #3 Site totally dropped for no apparent reason Hawonder 5/15/12 12:05 PM
We have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

Our site's URL (web address) is:

The "duplicate content" issue has been resolved.

It was caused by a third party typing our IP address into at least three Name Servers for their  websites.

However, our search rank has not returned.

Did you know you can type your competitors IP addresses
into the Name Servers for any old domains you may have laying around,
and have google de-list them?

Neither did we.

It didn't affect us on Yahoo, or bing, just google.

So the question is:

What tools do the advisers here use to check websites for flaws?
Are they available to webmasters to check their sites?

Thank you,



Re: Our #3 Site totally dropped for no apparent reason smallbiz-Bob 5/15/12 3:39 PM
Your site has the URL Canonicalization problem, meaning that your server responds to page requests from BOTH and To Google, this looks like two identical websites with duplicate content. You should fix this in the server .htaccess file, not by using canonical meta tags.

Your page titles and meta descriptions are all stuffed with "Authentic Hawaiian Clothing". Take these words out- to Google this is keyword stuffing on a big scale, and you will be penalized for this. None of your page titles or descriptions describe what the items are. Are they shirts, pants, bathing suits, what? The purpose is to describe what is on the page. SKU numbers are of zero value.
Re: Our #3 Site totally dropped for no apparent reason travler 5/15/12 5:16 PM
And the link exchange is not good either. I'd remove it.


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