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"prem" as a synonym for "premium"?

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"prem" as a synonym for "premium"? skzubii 6/5/14 11:21 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 

I have done some searching for finding the synonym of Premium word and I found out one of them is "Prem". So my question is that if I buy a domain name with the synonym "Prem" than Google will consider it as "Premium" or not? And when it comes to SEO than Google will rank our website with the "Prmium" word or not?
For example if we want to buy the domain name "Premiumseoservices" but it's not available and someone already have a website on this domain and we buy  "Premseoservices" than is there any difference or not?

I hope to get a good and reliable response from Google team asap.


Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Lysis 6/5/14 11:33 AM
Maybe if the content is relevant. I see no evidence that "prem" is a synonym of premium. I've never heard that before, but I don't expect much from an SEO.
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Lysis 6/5/14 11:39 AM
lol SEOs. They just never fail to amaze me at the level of fail.

Do you know the difference between a misspelling detection and a synonym?  For a random noob, I'd say it's an OK mistake. for someone selling SEO, I'd say it's dumb.
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Ben Griffiths 6/5/14 11:42 AM
Maybe try some antonyms?

Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Lysis 6/5/14 11:45 AM

Countdown to this guy's domain failing.....

inb4 "My website is" why it not ranking for premium????????
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? skzubii 6/5/14 11:50 AM
Lyrics you are there where I am. I have to create an affiliation website for wordpress themes and "Premium" is not available that's why I look for synonym and found out "Prem". Now what you think and say after checking the search if we create "" than Google consider it "Premimum wordpress themes" or not?
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Joy Freeman 6/5/14 12:09 PM
Hiya. I see Google recognizing some form of relationship between "prem" and "premium" here, so you may get brownie points: 

You can also try "premo" but that sounds dated and kinda lamo.
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Lysis 6/5/14 12:19 PM
Nice fake profile, Joy. I think you need to learn the difference between a misspelling and a synonym too. 

Show me a website that uses "prem" as a synonym.
(unknown) 6/5/14 12:25 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? Been wrong before! 6/5/14 12:27 PM
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? skzubii 6/5/14 12:47 PM
Guys, Can you please consider my question. Lysis or anyone who know any good synonym for "Premium" than kindly write down it.
Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? JohnMu 6/5/14 1:35 PM
Hi Zubair

You don't need your keywords in your domain name. Websites without them in there rank just fine. Instead of focusing on that specific keyword, I'd recommend spending the time to make your site the absolute best of its kind. 

If you're looking for a specific domain name, don't forget that all kinds of new TLDs are now available, so you might have more luck there. You definitely don't need to get a .com domain for being able to show up in Google's search.

Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? StevieD_Web 6/5/14 2:08 PM
Hey Zubair, 

Prem is an abbreviation for Premature.   I guess if your site is about little blue pills and premature you know what, then the use of Prem would be quite appropriate.

Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? skzubii 6/5/14 4:52 PM
Hi Guys,

Thank You very much for your precious time and consideration. Now I am totally understands what I have to do.

Wish You guys best of luck. Have a nice rest of the night.

Re: "prem" as a synonym for "premium"? webado 6/5/14 8:56 PM
Keywords in the domain, or anywhere in a url for that matter, mean absolutely nothing to Google. 

Keywords are nothing but words found in the text content of the page.   If they get your page to rank, great, you can consider  them keywords.