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Duplicate Title Tags

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Duplicate Title Tags 3antz 5/22/12 4:36 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is: 

Hi, over the last few weeks i noticed there has been an increase in my duplicate title tags and meta descriptions. I have already been using rel=canonical in my header section but google is still picking my pages as duplicates. I run an ecommerce website so it is common to have a product in multiple categories.

Can anyone please assist?

Re: Duplicate Title Tags 3antz 5/26/12 6:57 PM
hi can anyone assist? The duplicate meta and title tags are still climbing up.
Re: Duplicate Title Tags webado 5/26/12 7:53 PM
The canonical link tags don't eliminate the issue from being reported.

In any case canonical link tags take long to have an effect on indexing and are really a last ditch effort in streamlining what is essentially a poor website structure (as so many e-commerce platforms create, nothing personal).

But the canonical link tag will, over time, consolidate value of several urls under a single one.  

Re: Duplicate Title Tags p0rkribz 5/27/12 2:17 AM
Thanks webado for your insight. 

I noticed that my serps are still climbing up despite the increasing number of duplicates. I guess it should not be a major concern for now?

Also my canonical is placed at the end of the link href (eg <link href="" rel="canonical" />) would this pose as a problem as well or it shouldn't?
Re: Duplicate Title Tags webado 5/27/12 6:00 AM
No problem with the syntax of your canonical link tag. The order of the attributes does not matter.

It's important to not introduce any conflicting, nonsensical situations, such as some urls in a group of urls that use the same canonical link tag also having a robots noindex meta tag. That would be a bad situation.  

Care must be exercised with the use of the canonical link tag.