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Googlebot can now index your apps

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Googlebot can now index your apps Mariya M 10/31/13 12:57 PM
Hi everyone!

If you've got an app and a website and ever scratched your head trying to decide which better shows your content to users searching on smartphones, now you can have your cake and eat it (:.
Starting today, Googlebot can crawl and index your apps, just like it does for webpages. And you can let us know about your in-app content, just like you do for webpages — through your existing Sitemap file and through Webmaster Tools. 
After we've indexed your app content, when it's relevant for the user query, we'll show a deep link to content in your app in Google's smartphone search results to users who have your app installed, and it will take them straight to the place they need. 

If you're curious and would like to find out more, read the announcement on the Webmaster Central blog and the technical documentation on the Developer site
And of course, if you've got questions about this new search feature, you can ask them right here in the forum!

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Googlebot can now index your apps Dawsiri Kuodkaw 11/1/13 3:35 PM
Re: Googlebot can now index your apps lima8338 11/5/13 12:41 PM
Hi, how is Google going to display the SERP if the user doesn't have the corresponding app installed? Is Google going to show a "Download the app from Google Play" button if the site in the search results has an rel=alternate tag pointing to the Android App content? Thanks!
Re: Googlebot can now index your apps Ashley 11/5/13 4:36 PM
It only displays in-app results to users on a device that has the app installed, I believe. 
Re: Googlebot can now index your apps Simon-Mc 11/11/13 1:35 AM
If they already have the app installed, what is the point of returning the app in the search?  Why would someone use search for an app they already have installed?  Am I missing something here?
Re: Googlebot can now index your apps Ashley 11/11/13 8:35 AM
Simon - I don't think they are searching for the app itself, they are searching for content that may or may not be served via the app. That way, if the app is better served through the app and the user has it installed, they can go directly there for the best experience.