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Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/15/14 9:03 AM
Hi all,

I am trying to learn more about google Authorship and how to set it up properly. I have a google+ account and my own website. I am just wondering if Google authorship works better with a blog based site such as created with Wordpress or if it can be used on a normal HTML style site that is not really blog based at all.

I would love to set this up and do so in a way that works best and easiest for me. If anyone could point me in the right direction or has knowledge on what it can and can not do, that would be a huge help for me. 

It seems right now that a blog based site or a site built in Wordpress is what works best for google Authorship but I wanted to confirm that. Thanks.


Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/15/14 9:57 AM
Hi Kyle, 

Authorship markup is supposed to be added to pages that are distinctively "articles" written by a certain individual - and where the "author" is in fact interesting and relevant to the article. It can be a blog post either in Blogger or WordPress or Joomla or anything - the "articleship" is the important. Not a website home page, contact page, services page or something similar. From this point of view, the software is in fact indifferent - although some website generators are indeed geared towards such a thing than others. 

In any case, some pointers you may be interested: 
This one is an "indirect" pointer - telling you why your authorship may not appear - but you can learn much from it: 
General info (maybe I should have started here): 

Also note the very first sentence from the "Authorship not appearing" article: "Google will only show authorship in search results when we think it will be useful to the user". I.e. if you are a scraper (sorry, not an accusation) of others' articles and just repost what you found on the internet, Google may find that it is extremely irrelevant (on your site) that you have author markup. And in general, you need to have built a certain, trusted authority in your field with highly relevant, high quality, unique content in order that your author rich snippet appears as often as possible (it can even depend on your being logged in, your G+ followers or not searching, the search query itself - if your content is relevant - or even language settings as we have confirmed during testing and experiments here). 

Well, have fun and once you decide to plunge, do not hesitate to come back here with your specific questions!
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/15/14 10:43 AM
This is wonderful and thank you so very much. I am a graphic designer and I design websites for others. Some of these clients have been asking me about Google Authorship and it got me interested in learning more about it myself. I am also an author and columnist so was trying to see how I could best utilize this and set it up correctly for that usage as well. This really helps.

So if I am understanding correctly, Google Authorship is really based more on a site that is a blog based site such as or Wordpress etc.?

It probably will not function well on sites that i set up for folks as standard HTML Dreamweaver based sites?

In this light, it appears that if I set up a site in Blogger or Wordpress it would allow Authorship to more easily identify the author of each post or the author of the content being shared?

Is my thinking right?

Thank you so much as I really appreciate it. Thanks also for anyone else who chimes in to assist as I learn all i can.


Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/15/14 11:05 AM
It all depends on the content (if it is something "article like"), the inclination of the writer to place his/her name there as an author and the markup (this latter is just for technically create the authorship). 

I have a website (that I am no longer proud of so I have already put it into maintenance mode as you can see here: but lately I made an article "public" on it (bopring stuff: my thesis at law school in Hungarian) but (at least to me) the search shows my authorship:ómai+közjog+története/ (the keywords are: "the history of Roman public law"). 

So you can successfully add authorship to any kind of html page - with the "content limitation" (article sort of thing) and with the proper markup (for technical implementation). 

Certainly it's easier to add it to some blogging software types (especially if your clients are planning to keep publishing and you do not wish to add the markup manually each time) but that is not a prerequisite.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/15/14 11:46 AM
Wonderful. This is super helpful.

So Authorship can be done on a standard website but it needs to be one that the page is more content heavy. Not like a splash page or a contact us page but something with true content attached to it?

Your Thesis page example is exactly what I am looking for. I assume that is a standard website you set up in HTML and not done as a blog site or a wordpress site. If so, May i ask how you set that up so Google Authorship would recognize it?

Cause how it is appearing on the Google search is exactly what i am after. It shows up nicely with your headline and content but not with a date or time stamp assigned to it.

I have a google + page set up to google authorship and I know I have to add code to whatever HTML page I want used for Authorship. Can you tell me what i can do to achieve the same results you got?

Thanks a million. This is a huge help and I am learning a ton here.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/16/14 12:28 AM
There IS a date stamp. Google displays the date of an article when it was last updated. 

This is actually coded at the very bottom of the page.

Well, the actual code is automated in php like this:

<span class="datemodified"><meta itemprop="dateModified" content="<?php echo "".date("Y-m-d",filectime("index.php"));?>"><?php echo "".date("Y. m. d.",filectime("index.php"));?></span>

And authorship is coded at the top where my name is mentioned (in a bit convoluted way as we put the family name first and the given name last in my language)

Here there is also a date stamp for the original creation but it seems Google is not that interested in it but the last update. :-)

You can inspect the whole source code structure to see what is going on with the markup - or test and analyse the page here:

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/16/14 7:24 AM
Great information and you have been a huge help. =)

I am just seeing Authorship posts on Google that are static in nature. Meaning, they are ranked and once ranked they are staying at the top of their respective search terms.

I can do authorship from whatever post I do on my Google+ page. However, it is date stamped a lot and so it tends to move down in the rankings the further away from the date that I get. This makes me have to refresh them and that gets a bit tedious and annoying.

I am hoping that i can do the Authorship in such a way that once ranked, it stays ranked on the page at a high location for an extended period of time.

Know anything about this?

Sorry for the zillion questions. I am just the type that always wants to learn and educate myself as much as I can.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/16/14 7:48 AM
On Friday, May 16, 2014 4:24:00 PM UTC+2, Kyle Peron wrote:

I am hoping that i can do the Authorship in such a way that once ranked, it stays ranked on the page at a high location for an extended period of time.

Know anything about this?

Not a big deal. Forget about "hot news" kind of, "ephemeral" stuff  and concentrate on something that does not change day by day (or week by week). My example: that Roman Law study (and any related research) is unlikely to change any time soon. What if I had been posting about android phones? Who knows. But being up-to-date at this kind of tech development may influence search results.

The other day we found a Roman inscription. New info, extremely interesting but for about a hundred or so colleagues in the World. If I make it public on the internet, it will be #1 search result forever. Do I really care? You can imagine. The only reason is that similarly interested colleagues and scholars can find it. Interestingly, in such cases they keep posting links on various sites - which will boost PR without any unnatural action involved. 
Do I care? Not more than when the rain stops and I can go for a walk with my dog. 

Believe me, this (or walking with my wife) is much more important in life that authorship. Sure, I am also proud of what I have written and like to see the "reward" but sharing is king. Content, content, content!!! 

My doggy... ;-)

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/16/14 8:13 AM
Nice dog. =) I would show you a pic of my cat but she is feisty. lol

This does help. For some of my clients and myself, I like Authorship because it helps with overall SEO and getting prospects to their respective blogs or websites. This in turn helps with the bottom line as part of their marketing.

I think what I need to do is set it up on say Blogger or Wordpress site and test it out. I think that may be the key. I think because I have tested it only through my Google + page, it is acting very different.

So I guess the quickest way to test this is to set up a quick blogger,com site and run the authorship set up through it and see how it reacts.

I'll work on the pic of my cat. =)

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/16/14 8:21 AM
"Testing" is not an easy thing. Even if you implement it techically correctly, there are a whole bunch of quality guide lines according to which Google will decide to make the rich snippet available (visible) for everyone, for your "friends" (G+ partners), when you are logged in or not etc. And "quality" also means quality in the article and your authority built up / developed in the expertise in question... - so it's not a quick and easy thing to do.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/16/14 8:28 AM
Hmm guess I have to start somewhere. This is tough. One of the problems is a competitor of mine has found a way in which to get Google Authorship high ranked on almost every search term that I am also trying to be ranked for and that is causing me to lose clicks to my site. SO, I am trying to see what i can do to at least be up there with him so as to allow the consumer to make their choice.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/16/14 8:35 AM
Well, so far we've been talking "in general". Once you have a question specifically regarding your or your clients' sites, feel free to ask - preferably in a separate topic (for each site) though. I am not an expert at Blogger but have a trick or two when it comes to WordPress and how proper markup can be achieved technically. From then on, it is only a matter of writing great content.
Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/16/14 8:11 PM
Hi Kyle,

Hope you don't mind me jumping in with a suggestion, I would remove authorship markup on your Kyle and Kelly Magic site

I also recommend moving the publisher markup from the <body> section of the HTML to the <head> section (markup should appear on homepage only). The publisher markup needs to appear in the <head> section therefore the markup used should be the following:

<link rel="publisher" href=""/>

Instead of:

<a href="" rel="publisher">Find us on Google+</a> 

The Link to your website support page has been updated (showing <head> section) but unfortunately the markup was missed. 

One last thing, you've linked your site to your Google+ Brand Page instead of your Local Google+ Page, I recommend linking the website to your Local Google+ Page instead. Google usually returns the knowledge graph for Local Pages. It's much more difficult to get a knowledge graph to appear for a Brand Page. The knowledge graph can be very beneficial for local businesses (prime real estate in search results).

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/17/14 6:13 AM
Hi Grace,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to post and give me some advice. I really appreciate it. 

Can you clarify a bit more the difference between the brand page and the local page? i was not sure there were different ones etc. and how i can tell them apart. i would want to connect it correctly.  Thanks so much.

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/17/14 6:24 AM
Grace: I just edited the code on the homepage of the site. if you could check it out, that would be a huge help. 

I am trying to get authorship to work for my magic business and for the search terms most of my prospects search under. these are usually terms like "Magician in reading, PA" etc. Right now I have a competitor who has Authorship set up so it is highly ranked for these terms and it links to his website. I want to make sure that i am up there with him as i always used to be before he started using Authorship. 

If you can give any suggestions, please let me know. 

I may post later a new thread topic that shows an example of exactly what i am referring to. Thank you.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/17/14 6:26 AM
"Simple" brand or business pages are for companies, organizations, celebrities etc. for which the locality is not that relevant. A webshop for instance can sell everywhere, an actor can be interesting everywhere etc. 

A local business listing is combined with Google Maps and is typically for a - well - "local business" like a pub, restaurant, beauty saloon etc. whose physical address/location is important for searchers (and Google will indeed serve local search results when they are relevant). So when I want to order a pizza and search Google, it will not serve results from Boston or Chicago when I am in Europe.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/17/14 6:57 AM
Thanks so much. You guys rock. How can I tell if my Google+ page is a Business page vs a Local page? 
Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/17/14 7:58 AM
Good Morning Kyle,

I have linked to the two pages in my last reply. The local G+ Page displays your address on the Page cover and there's also a checkmark present beside the company name (verified business listing). The local page also houses your reviews.

Please keep in mind Kyle you should not have authorship implemented on your site, it doesn't qualify. 

I'm not sure who your competitor is but if he/she has the same type of site authorship is probably implemented incorrectly and most likely authorship will be lost somewhere down the line. (I think I may know who have figured out who your competitor is and if I'm right that is absolutely the case and from what I could see if you link your site to your local Page your knowledge graph should pop up and your business will be displayed more prominently because the other business owner has not implemented publisher markup.)

Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/17/14 8:00 AM
p.s. I don't see any changes to the code. Do you have a cache plugin? Can you clear the caches, I'll clear my browser cache too just in case.
Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/17/14 8:05 AM
Clearing the cache on my end worked, but again, I would remove authorship markup and link the publisher tag to your Local Google+ Page instead. (Btw, you really don't need two G+ Pages and since you only have 1 follower and a handful of posts on the Brand Page you may want to consider deleting that Page and spend your time promoting the Local Page instead.)

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/17/14 8:27 AM
Hi Grace,

Thank you so very much for taking the time out to assist me. I am a graphic designer by trade and so i know all things print. However, this is very new to me and i want to know and learn everything I possibly can learn. So if I ask a ton of questions or come off clueless, it is probably because I am. lol I do thank you in advance for your patience.

Let me better explain the situation at hand and what i have done and am trying to do. This may give you a better idea for how I can best go about it to accomplish it.

As you can see I am up there as well as my competitor. However, mine was created only through Authorship through my Google+ page. When I post, it gets ranked very fast. However, it moves down the page rankings over time (like even less than a month). It is also linked to my google + page and does not take them to my website or a website i may create.

Eddy has his set up so his is always top ranked for almost every search term that I also am trying to get ranked for. However, his stays ranked high and does not move. His also is linked to his website where as mine is not.

My goal is to get folks to see my Authorship when typing in a search term and being able to see me and eddy ranked together (if I have to) so that i can compete well and have the prospect select whom they feel works best for them. I would want my Authorship listing to be ranked high near his and to stay in place there. i would also want it to link to my website or to a website i have set up and can create.

The example above was a Google search using keyword's "Magicians in Reading, PA".

Any help at all to learn how to accomplish this successfully and to do it well, would be awesome. I really thank you so very much. I always had high organic rankings. When Google changed the algorithm and the usage of google carousel, it changed everything for me.

Thanks so very much. 


Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/17/14 10:54 AM
Good Afternoon Kyle,

You're missing the point I am trying to make, authorship should not be implemented on the homepage, the homepage is not suitable for authorship. Your competitor is implementing authorship incorrectly following suit is not wise. Implementing authorship does not help your search ranking. If his site is appearing ahead of yours in the search results it wouldn't be because he's added authorship. If you want to add authorship to your site, add a blog and write content that is suitable for authorship. Please see this post for more information about the kinds of pages suited for authorship.

To be very honest I don't have a ton of experience with HTML, site structure, page structure and I'm not understanding how users get to your inner pages (that appear in the site:search results) because when I click on any of the menu items the page URL doesn't change. If I complete a site:search I can see you have inner pages but I haven't a clue how to load those pages within your site. If you look at your page titles and descriptions they are all very similar, see screen shot below. I don't believe you're using meta descriptions therefore Google is pulling the information from the content on the page (you're not providing any suggestions).

Compare to the title and pages for your competitor.

Also, I strongly encourage you to remove the Meta Keywords tag, Google doesn't use it and I believe Bing uses it as a spam signal. And adding 192 meta keywords to a page is blatant keyword stuffing, see example below from this page.

Magic, Magician, Magicians, Birthday, Party, Children's, Family, Entertainer, Philadelphia Magicians, Illusionist, Philadelphia Illusionist, Philadelphia Entertainers, Entertainers, Birthday Party Entertainment, Festival Entertainment, Pennsylvania Magicians, New Jersey Magicians, pennsylvania magician, pennsylvania magicians, magician pennsylvania, magicians pennsylvania, magician in pennsylvania, magician in pa, maryland magician, maryland magicians, magician maryland, magicians maryland, magician in 

Or this page.

Magic, Magician, Magicians, Birthday, Party, Children's, Family, Entertainer, Philadelphia Magicians, Illusionist, Philadelphia Illusionist, Philadelphia Entertainers, Entertainers, Birthday Party Entertainment, Festival Entertainment, Pennsylvania Magicians, New Jersey Magicians, pennsylvania magician, pennsylvania magicians, magician pennsylvania, magicians pennsylvania, magician in pennsylvania, magician in pa, maryland magician, maryland magicians, magician maryland, magicians maryland, magician in 

The keywords are the same as well.

Are there any HTML errors appearing in Webmaster Tools?

Also, I encourage you to look at adding schema markup, perhaps organization, events, and reviews. If Google understands the content on your pages they can display rich snippets, detailed information to help users with specific queries.

Just a few suggestions.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/17/14 9:50 PM
Hi Kyle, 

I was hoping that Grace, who has a much better understanding and more experience with authorship markup will be able to guide you through the whole topic. 

There are two, fundamentally important things here.
  1. As Grace has been trying to point out, authorship should only be added to pages whose main content is a sort of article written by the author and where this authorship is relevant to the article itself. Not an "about page", a "contact" page, a "services" page or similar. Currently you do not have such content and therefore you should not use authorship at all in your pages. Once you change your website and implement a blog or something similar (where you do not write about yourself or your services), you can add authorship to that section - to the individual posts.
  2. The other problem is your website structure. It uses frames where only the content is changing and the URL (when forced into this frameset) remains the same. Google cannot index your content inside the frames but indexes it per page basis (without the frames). To be honest, this is anciemnt technique and you should change to something that's more up to date technique (not that hard actually) so that your content can be indexed (along with your navigation elements) properly.
    At this moment, what would you like to add authorship to? The frameset or the individual pages (without navigation)?
I can also imagine your competitor is coming up with better ranking because he has a more "modern" website.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/18/14 6:34 AM
Thank you both so much. What i think will help is to simplify the question down a lot and just focus on one simple area. 

For now, let us forget about my site. 

I want to learn more about my competitor and what he is doing to get highly ranked on almost all search terms i use by using Google Authorship. This is not to say i want to copy him or anything else. i simply want to learn how he is doing this so i can learn from it.

In short, my competitor is highly Google ranked for almost every search term I am ranked for. Not only that, but he is highly ranked with google authorship on each and every one of these search terms in first place on page 1 and is staying there. 

Some how he is doing this and getting it to work. I am wanting to know how he is doing this? How is he able to use authorship to get his pages to be this highly ranked for every search term I am also ranked for?

For help, let me give you first some of the search terms so you cn see for yourself what i am referring to and how this is happening not once but many, many times and then 2) give you the URL's that the authorship is connected to for his ranked authorship listings.

Competitor Search Terms:
- Magicians in Reading, PA
- Magicians in Pottsville
- Magicians in Lansdale
- Magicians in Langhorne
- Magicians in Allentown
and many more

Websites that competitors Authorship is linked to:

As you can see in these examples (above) he is 1st place Authorship ranked for every search term and more. 

My goal is to just simply try and understand how he is doing this. It appears (and i hope you can assist on this) that each of his sites is a wordpress or blog based site that is then connected to authorship.

Please take a look above at the examples I listed and let me know your thoughts.

thank you so very much in advance for your continued help and support. it is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/18/14 6:57 AM
I understand that it is a big advantage having the photo there and boost click-through's. But since Eddy is adding his authorship against Google guide lines, he may lose it as well. I should not give an advice to you to also apply authorship as it would be a bad advice - maybe working short term but harming your business long term. Technically, I guess you can already do it, it's not "magic" :-)

But get a good website. This framed site is also ruining your business. Wordpress that he uses is an extremely easy to learn platform and its functionality can be easily extended via plugins (I even written my very first plugins although my profession is very far from coding). 

Czrrently all your pages are indexed separately and there is no natural link flow (internal links) between them but only to the home page. 

Both of you have very bad practice with keyword stuffing in the footer area, building pages for each small town in the vicinity etc. Keeping yourself to the guide lines (with a proper site) could already help you outrank your competitor. You could even have a blog (say) writing about some easier (and not too secret) magic tricks, parties/events that were very successful etc. Now there you could have authorship with no problem at all. People are indeed interested in things like this.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/18/14 7:32 AM
Thank you my friend. This is why I am asking the questions so I can learn and revamp as time goes on. 

So it appears he is doing this through websites that are Wordpress based and then google authorship from them? 

If so, then I an create a wordpress based site that is based on getting prospects information and help in how to have an awesome event. This way i am creating a website that works much better. However, i also want this new site to be able to be Google authorshipped so I can be near him in the rankings so i can successfully compete. 

Thanks for your help and i look forward to just knowing if my thinking (underlined0 is correct in how he is doing this. Thanks.

Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/18/14 7:48 AM
It's not only authorship that you can mark up but any services, events, articles etc.
Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/18/14 8:13 AM
That is great and I will have to learn that.

But is he using Wordpress?
Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/18/14 10:12 AM
Good Morning Kyle

To strongly enforce again, your competitor is not ranking because of authorship. 

Kyle if you focus your attention on the overall quality of your site and how to best improve user experience and provide Google with more information about the content of your pages via unique page titles and descriptions as well as using to markup the content of your pages I think you will see start to see improvements in ranking. Like I said earlier, if Google understands your content they'll know if it's relevant to a search query and ultimately helpful to the search user.

I also think you will see improvements by linking your site to your Local Google+ Page and using the Page to interact with users.

I discussed your site structure and shared your concerns about your competitor's ranking with a colleague who has much experience in this area and she shared the following, "If this is what you were asking about, frames are quite an old way to deal with sites, quite problematic for search engines, and not that much used any more."

Wishing you much success!


Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/18/14 10:56 AM
oops forgot to answer your question, yes he is using WordPress.

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/18/14 2:52 PM
Grace and Gaieus: Thanks to you both. I appreciate it a lot. I really do and your time. So thank you. =)

Grace: I am not arguing with you at all and I really hope you do not think I am. =) One thing I have learned about working for a huge marketing agency and running my own businesses as well, is that to better yourself, you must always keep an eye on the competition. This is what I am doing. I am not so worried about my own site (yet). I will get there. I am more wanting to understand my competitor so that I can know more about what i am up against. This way i can then determine my own best course of action. Hope that makes better sense. =)

The fact of the matter is that every one of over 50-60 keywords that he and I both do seo for have him first ranked right under the carousel and the adwords. He is first ranked every one of them. Now the shocker reality is that every one of these 50-60 first place rankings are all entirely his Google Authorship. 

I was shocked myself when I saw it which is why I checked it out for myself and why I came here to ask folks like you guys for more information. I could not believe it and was searching for how he managed to do it so i could simply know my competitor.

So the fact that his first place ranking on all these search terms are Authorship is surprising to me. I guess the answer is that he has found a way (through the usage of wordpress sites) to set up authorship to rank him highly.

I thank you (and anyone else who decides to chime in....please do). I SO appreciate it and the wonderful sharing. It really does mean the world to me. Thank you.

Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/18/14 3:09 PM
Hi Kyle,

Absolutely was not thinking you were arguing with me but unfortunately after you say something like this, "I guess the answer is that he has found a way (through the usage of WordPress sites) to set up authorship to rank him highly." I fear you're still not understanding what Gaieus and I are trying to convey, again, authorship does have any bearing on site ranking.

You're focusing on authorship when you should be focusing on other things like site structure, page titles and descriptions etc.

Re: Google Authorship Kyle Peron 5/18/14 3:51 PM
Hi understand and i work on that a lot. It is on my list of things to work on going forward as well. Always is. =)

However, I am not stating a lie to you or anyone else. I really am not. Now I know that Authorship (as stated) does not (or is not) supposed to work that way. However, he has found a way to do it. Once agin this is no lie. I was shocked myself when i saw it.

Over 50-60 search terms that i also use he is #1 ranked NOT as a standard organic link. He is #1 as a Google Authorship link. This is the case not just once but over 50+ times. I wish i was making this up but I seriosuly am not. This is why i am looking into it. I need to be aware of what my competitor is doing and how he is doing it.

If you would like, I can prove that what I am seeing and stating is 100% the truth. I can supply links or pics or even the search terms. By doing so you would clearly see that I am not making any of this up. This is happening. Because it is, I am trying to learn as much as I can so i understand it. Knowing how my competitor is doing this helps me better understand things. 

Thanks as always. =)


Re: Google Authorship JohnMu 5/19/14 6:38 AM
Hi Kyle
Just to back up what Grace & Gaieus have been saying (thanks for all your help here!), authorship only plays a role with the "in-depth-articles" feature, and otherwise has no effect on ranking in web-search at all. I think it's a great thing to set up, but I wouldn't assume that it has any effect on normal rankings at all. We use over 200 factors in our crawling, indexing, and ranking, and we regularly make changes to our algorithms, so there are many potential reasons why a site might go up or down in rankings. My recommendation is not to focus too much on your competitors, but rather to work on making your site the by far absolute best of its kind -- focus on your users, don't focus on your competitors' sites.

Re: Google Authorship Ken Hirooka 5/19/14 6:17 PM
Hi JohnMu,

Thank you for sincere instruction.
I'd like to confirm your comment's interpretation: "authorship only plays a role  and otherwise has no effect on ranking in web-search at all."

Can I consider that with the "in-depth-articles" feature, authorship has some effects on ranking in web-search?
In other words, with the "in-depth-articles" feature, is authorship working now as so-called Author Rank, which is mentioned in this Barry Schwartz's article?
Re: Google Authorship Gaieus 5/19/14 9:51 PM
Maybe this video can add something to this thought... "relevance" in a certain field and "reputation" of the author go hand in hand.. 

Re: Google Authorship Grace Massa Langlois 5/20/14 2:51 AM
Good Morning Ken,

Please see this support page for more info about in-depth articles.

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