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google voice getatyaboy73 4/29/12 12:50 PM
how do i get a copy of every messege sent to my google voice acct that has been delet
google voice raysgirl 4/25/12 8:30 AM
How do I deactivate my google voice number?
Re: google voice t'sChillin t'soulntai 4/29/12 12:14 PM
Hi Raysgirl,

This forum is for the Google+ product. You may wish to start on Google Voice's support pages <> and, should you not find an answer to your question, post your question to the Google Voice product forum <>.

(unknown) 4/29/12 1:49 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: google voice Red Leatherman 4/29/12 1:50 PM
If the word delet is typoneese and your saying you deleted the account, then you can no longer access the account for Google Takeout
Re: google voice Red Leatherman 4/29/12 1:53 PM

If you no longer want to use your Google Voice number, there are two things you can do:

Stop forwarding calls

To stop using your Voice phone number, change your Voice settings so that incoming calls are not forwarded to your other phones. Without forwarding, you won't receive any calls through your Voice number.

  1. Go to your Google Voice Settings. 
  2. Click the Phones tab.
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to the phones to which you don't want calls forwarded.

Send calls to voicemail

Use this option in addition to or instead of the option above to prevent receiving any calls to your Voice number.

  1. Go to your Google Voice Settings.
  2. Click the Calls tab.
  3. Check the box next to Do Not Disturb.

While you currently can't delete your Google Voice number from your Google Account, the options above can help you to stop receiving Google Voice calls while stilling giving you the ability to view your account and re-enable calls in the future.

Re: google voice Papa Bear 4/30/12 9:37 AM
Google Voice
GV Settings > Voice Settings > Phones tab > Deactivate Google voicemail on this phone and follow steps  OR press *73 and Send on your mobile phone.
GV Settings > Voice Settings > Calls tab > enable Do Not Disturb > Save
If you have a Google Number, go to GV Settings > Voice Settings > Voicemail/Text tab > UNenable all check boxes within Voicemail Notifications and Text Forwarding > Save
Gmail Voice
If in Gmail, learn how to uninstall the voice and video chat plug-in
Or if you want to keep Gmail Chat and you do not wish to use or see the Call phone feature in your Gmail chat list, you can disable by following directions at